7 Basic Hacks To Simplify Your Life And Accomplish More Each Day


Life is fast moving and complicated. There’s a lot you can do to simplify your life and still get more accomplished. There’s an apparently endless supply of “hacks” online. There are hacks for work, your love life, exercise, and everything else under the sun. Making it through all of the hacks requires a hack of its own.

Keep things basic and focus on a few effective strategies:

1. Make a list.

The fewer things you aim to accomplish, the more you’ll get done. Make a list of the 2-3 crucial things you wish to get done at work.

Before you drive home, make a list of the 2-3 crucial things you want to get done at home. Make a new list for the weekend.

The act of making the list will force you to prioritize so you can achieve the most important jobs.

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2. Concentrate on one task at a time.

Changing back and forth in between 2 or more tasks doesn’t work very well. Discover how to concentrate on one job until it’s completely finished prior to proceeding to something else. Attempt this for a week and notice the difference it makes.

3. Streamline your diet plan.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, stick to the edges of the shop. What do you discover there? Lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Throw in some nuts and healthy whole grains and you have a healthy diet plan. You’ll conserve time and money at the store and do marvels for your health.

4. Attempt to limit your emails to 5 sentences.

If an email is five sentences, no one will complain that your e-mail is too short or too long. You can keep relationships without spending a lot of time typing a ridiculous e-mail. Use the phone as each scenario requires.

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5. Go to sleep early.

Any additional time you’re awake during the night most likely isn’t really being used efficiently. It’s most likely invested in watching TV while nodding off in your favorite chair. Get to bed early and get up early. You’ll get more done each day.

6. Arrange your mail as soon as you arrive home every day.

Each day, get the mail and stand above the garbage can. Throw away the junk and sort the rest. Put all of it away in the appropriate location.

Prevent the frustration of lost bills and clutter. Conserve your energy and time for more vital jobs than going through a huge stack of junk mail each time you need to find a bill or other important paper.

7. Work offline.

It seems that increasingly more work must be finished on the computer, however there are pitfalls to working online–the internet. The internet is both the best and worst thing ever created. It supplies tremendous resources, but it’s also the best way to get distracted and waste a great deal of time.

Would you rather complete the billing report for your employer or watch a video of kittens riding on the back of a goat? See how easy it is to get sidetracked?

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If you’re at home, pull the Ethernet cable or turn off the Wi-Fi. You can find a comparable option at work.

One famous author once specified that the only way he could get any work done was to glue the Ethernet cable into the port and after that cut off the cable. He couldn’t control himself if he had access to the internet. Try out these seven hacks and see how they impact your life.

What other hacks would you include? Think about where you seem to waste the most time. This is a prime area for developing a hack of your own. Keep your life simple and it will be much easier to get through the day with a sensation of achievement.

The Author:

Kurt Tasche is a martial artist, Internet entrepreneur and motivational coach who writes articles and produces videos on the subjects of marketing and personal development. You can connect with him on his Facebook Page here.

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