7 Sunscreen Myths That Can Ruin Your Skin


“I do not need sunscreen.” cannot tell you how many times I have heard women say this. Whether they are bearing their face to the harsh winter wind or lying bare in the sun to get a tan, this is one statement some women just can look beyond.

Here are some popular myths about using sunscreen and some real facts behind them:

Myth 1: I do not need Sunscreen if I do not mind a tanned look.

Fact: Sun rays do not just give you a tanned look. Rather the UV rays of the sun are responsible for premature aging of the skin, skin darkening, pigmentation and wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Moreover, prolonged and unprotected exposure to sun rays damage your immune system and makes your skin increasingly susceptible to bruising.

Myth 2: Sunscreens are for Summer

Fact: UV rays are strongest in the summer.. However, that is not reason enough to skip using sunscreen during the rest of the year. UVA and UVB rays of the sun affect your skin all through the year. In the winter or the rainy season, even though the sun seems to be milder, its UV rays still penetrate the cloud cover causing skin damage. This is why you need to make sunscreen an integral part of your skin care regimen. So, whether it is sunny, or not, apply sunscreen.

Myth 3: I can skip using sunscreen when I am wearing long sleeves.

Fact: Long sleeve shirts or even umbrellas and scarves are definitely a great addition for effective sun protection. However, they are not capable of providing full protection against UV rays. UVA and UVB rays can penetrate through clothing and wreak havoc on your skin. So if you are wearing long sleeves, do not forget to wear a good sunscreen underneath.

Myth 4: Applying sunscreen in the morning is adequate for the entire day.

Fact: Sun rays are the strongest from 10 am to 4 pm. At this is the time your skin is at the highest risk for sun damage. Relying on the sunscreen that you applied in the morning is not sufficient. This is why you need to re-apply sunscreen every couple of hours throughout the day.

Myth 5: I do not need sunscreen if I am going out in the sun for just a few minutes.

Fact: UV rays can damage your skin even if you are exposed to sunlight for just one minute. So make sure you apply sunscreen even if you are stepping out in the sun for a few minutes.

Myth 6: I do not need sunscreen because I will be driving with my car windows closed.

Fact: UV rays of the sun can penetrate through windows and reflect off concrete.. So even if you are driving with the air conditioning on and car windows closed, you still need a sunscreen.

Myth 7: Sunscreen can cause break-outs.

Fact: Regular sunscreen, especially those with very high SPF content tend to be oily or sticky. However, the key is finding a sunscreen that suits your skin type. A light-weight, oil-free formulation can give you all the sun protection without causing any break-outs.

The Author:

Naomi Andrews is a professional esthetician and skin care expert. Having worked in several spas and medical spas, she has extensive knowledge of skin care procedures like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. She writes articles informing women about Sunscreens and skin care cosmetics for the same.


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