A Morning Ritual Nourishes You Throughout Your Day


How you start your day, in a very real way, sets the stage for what follows. So why not give yourself as good a beginning as possible?

Every morning, I engage in a ritual that I have evolved over the years. It adds so much to the quality of my day. And it enhances my productivity, as well.

Would you like to experience your own expansion of possibilities?

Here are some of my favorite ideas and tips.

A morning ritual is a special promise you make to yourself – and keep. You commit to open your day using your best energies. What you do can create a bridge between your essential self and whatever demands you will confront as your day unfolds.

So it’s most valuable to create a morning ritual that infuses you with well-being and helps guide you when things get rocky.

Of course, your ritual will be unique to you.

The following sentence completion exercise helps you identify your individual needs and preferences. Then, based on your answers here, you can create a ritual that enriches you in any number of ways:

“The hardest thing about getting up is ________.”

Morning rituals help you journey from fast asleep to wide awake. Transition rituals might include selecting the ideal music to rouse you, gentle yoga stretches, a sizzling dance video, or simply a quiet moment with a fragrant cup of tea or coffee.

“My day always goes better when I start it by ________.”

Morning rituals help you correct your course if you “get up on the wrong side of bed.” Try time-honored favorites like allowing unedited thoughts to take shape as you journal, flowing with T’ai Chi, connecting with your animal companion, or reading something uplifting.

“If I had 10 more minutes in the morning, I’d use it to _______.”

Morning rituals send you prepared into your day. Pastimes, like writing your intentions for the day, updating your To-Do list, assembling your evening meal in a crock-pot, or firming up tentative plans, can each help ground and center you. Can you find those ten minutes somewhere? Anywhere? Good! Try incorporating just one activity and see how it adds to your day.

Do you wonder what the difference is between a ritual and a routine?

Sometimes, it’s simply the level of mindfulness you bring to the moment. Routines can often feel rushed or monotonous – they get you through one part of the day on your way to the next chapter. Rituals, on the other hand, send down roots this instant. And your inner wellsprings nourish you.

Honoring what you do honors who you are. So you imbue your activities with meaning. When you engage in rituals mindfully, you fully occupy the moment. And time expands.

This is no small achievement! You genuinely appreciate more moments by focusing your attention and intention upon your movements, moment by moment. Why not maximize this potential when you first greet the day?

Finally, morning rituals can prepare you to respond to upcoming challenges with proactive presence. Experiment and note the results. You may very well enjoy enhanced health, focus and gratitude!

The Author:

Paula Eder


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