A Touch of Color for a Stunning Winter Garden

A Touch of Colour for a Stunning Winter Garden

There’s a breathtaking beauty about winter and it’s foliage. With sparkling snow and ice draping over evergreens, nature has a way of making her gardens beautiful through every season, but in our cities and suburbs we let winter be the dullest of the seasons.

If you don’t want your landscape to be taken over year-round with a large conifer, but want an attractive landscape all year, consider complimenting your winter garden with the bright color of berries.

Berry bushes are not only interesting and attractive through the snowy seasonal, but they also bring birds and wildlife, and added benefit for gardeners looking to attract some fauna with their flora.

Hedges of deciduous holly, are mostly unimpressive through the major growing season, but their rich red berries add a shocking splash of color to a bleak winterscape, and the cuttings make magnificent centerpieces and arrangements for holiday décor.

The vast array of species and varieties of berry bushes bring reds, oranges, and yellows, as well as sharp blacks and blues to your garden, which stand out against the snowy background like no plant in the summer.

While bushes and trees bearing bright red holly berries are the most popular additions for a festive touch, there are hundreds of other species that will get plenty of positive attention. The Pink Pagoda mountain ash, for example, has pale pink berries for a softer, more subtle addition to your wintery landscape. The Beautyberry (or callicarpa) shrub, on the other hand, will show off some berries from soft lavender to deep indigo purple.

If, rather than color, your focus is on native planting, then Ontario native berry bushes are remarkably abundant. Native shrubs with black berries, bunchberries, lingonberry, or the ever popular wintergreen, are all beautiful native plants which are available across Ontario in most garden centres as berry bushes grow in popularity. Not all, but some, native species even have edible berries!

For the fascinating exotic types, many garden centres also carry species of holly such as the variegated or blue varieties.

Keep in mind that, like many other fruit-bearing plants, some berry bushes require both a prince (male) and princess (female) plant to bear fruit. To avoid a disappointing, fruitless winter, consult an expert at your local garden centre or hire a professional landscaper.

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