Anxiety and Energy Medicine


Anxiety often comes from emotions that are linked to experiences that involve fear of the future, potential loss, being out of control, or being injured.

Anxiety can also stem from fears or apprehensions about consequences that may be real or imagined. Sometimes anxiety stems from early childhood experiences or past life time memories that are stored in the cellular memories of our bodies.

The symptoms of anxiety may be uneasiness or apprehension about the future, worry, or excessive care or concern. People often report physical symptoms of anxiety as tightness in the chest, knots in the stomach, fluttering in the heart, difficulty taking a deep breath, or trouble going to sleep. Anxiety can also show up as avoidance of activities or persons, difficulty speaking clearly and audibly or a host of other physical symptoms.

In the field of Energy Medicine we work with anxiety by balancing the emotions, restoring the life force of an individual, and helping the body to heal itself.

Creating a healthy framework for understanding anxiety is part of the process in healing with Energy Medicine. What you experience in your body are real physical symptoms of anxiety. However, it is important to distinguish if the feeling of anxiety is based on what’s happening now or if it’s coming from an old response pattern that is stored in our brains.

You can use these simple self-help Energy Medicine tools to work with anxiety.

First, focus on whether the potential danger or fear is real, right now. Is it happening now? If not, just begin to notice that your body is reacting “as if it is real”, in spite of evidence that it may be something that your mind is creating.

Imagine an alternate reality or story that you want to create in its place. Be creative with this, maybe even outrageous. Bring in magical helpers, guides or people you trust to help you recreate this story.

Imagine your body is safe, in trusted and loving hands, being successful and supported. Breathe in this new experience notice how the anxiety starts to shift or dissipate. Notice how the new story feels in your body. Are you more relaxed? Can you breathe more deeply?

Imagine yourself moving away from the anxious situation and into the new story you are creating right now. You can walk, run, dance or skip away. Dissolve or burn up the old story. Welcome the new story and physical sensations in your body.

Listen for the new beliefs about yourself that you are creating in place of the old stories. Celebrate your liberation from your old way of being.

Ask for guidance when you feel the anxiety coming up again. Practice this technique often so that you become the master of shifting your anxiety with Energy Medicine. Allow your body to find its natural balance as it relaxes into the present moment.

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Michaela McGivern is a compassionate and empathic Energy Medicine Healer who has been passionately studying and practicing holistic healing arts for more than ten years. She successfully blends her traditional medical training and expertise, diverse healing modalities and highly refined intuition to support clients who are ready to experience optimal health on all levels, Her integrated approach to healing addresses clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual issues so that they may have lasting results on all levels.

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Article Posted: April 24, 2012


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