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Basic Items for Your Jewelry Making Toolkit

If you love jewelry, as I do, you know that finding the perfect piece to match an outfit can be challenging. Jewelry making can allow you to round out your collection and have custom pieces to match any outfit. The techniques are not difficult to master and as long as you have the right tools, getting started can be as simple as finding beads or other elements that you like and building a piece around them.

Depending on the kind of jewelry you want to make, the tools you will need may differ. A basic jewelry making toolkit should include some of the following items:

Pliers- you want to make sure that you have pliers of varying sizes and shapes. They can help you bend wire to make clasps and links, cut and curl wire for embellishments and even grasp cords and wires so they can be passed easily through beads.

Wire cutters- these are great for cutting and clipping the wire that you are stringing beads on. Even light wire will dull scissors quickly and thicker wire may be too hard to cut with anything other than wire cutters.

Findings- these are small items that range from clasps and toggles to small charms and spacers. They can be made of everything from metal to glass to wood and other natural materials.

Cords and wire- you should have a selection of different materials to string your beads on. Heavier beads may call for thicker cord or heavier wire and lighter beads may need light floss or thin wire. You may also want to get elastic cord which can be great for using with stretch bracelets that you are making.

From there, you can begin to expand the range of beads that you will use in your jewelry. There are so many choices available that finding the perfect style or color of bead is not difficult. You can find beads in a variety of materials available at craft stores and dollar stores. Many larger cities will have stores dedicated to beading that will offer unique and one of a kind beads that you can’t find anywhere else.

Once you find the beads that you want to use and have your basic materials you can begin to make your pieces. There are a few different ways that you can come up with the design for your necklace, earrings or bracelet. You can look at other pieces that you like the look of, check online for inspiration, or you can look at the various design and technique manuals that are for sale in the same places you can find beads and other equipment.

When you do want to start making your pieces, make sure you have good light and enough room to work. You want to make sure you can see the small holes in very tiny beads and have enough space to spread your project out.

As you gain experience, you can begin to try more complicated techniques such as wire wrapping but even basic jewelry pieces can be fun to make and beautiful to wear.


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