Beans and Legumes -Soybeans (Glycine) ; Pinto beans (Phaseolus)


Healthy Foods Classification – Beans & Legumes -Soybeans (Glycine) & Pinto beans (Phaseolus)

I. Soybean
Soybean is genus Glycine, the family Fabaceae, one of the legumes that contains twice as much protein per acre as any other major vegetable or grain crop, native to Southeast Asia. Now, it is grown worldwide with suitable climate for commercial profit and a a healthy foods.

Nutritional supplements
1. Carbohydrates
2. Dietary fiber
3. Fat
4. Protein
5. Essential amino acid
6. Vitamin A
7. Vitamin B6
8. Vitamin B12
9. Vitamin C
10. Vitamin K
11. Calcium
12. Iron
13. Magnesium
14. Phosphorus
15. Potassium
16. Sodium
17. Zinc
18. Etc.

Health benefits
1. Aspartic acid
Aspartic acid not only helps to protect the body drug toxicity and radiation, it also plays an essential role for the brain in information transmitting across the synapse, thus reducing the risk of mental disorder.

2. Histidine
Histidine plays an important role in promoting white and red blood cells, thus increasing the immune system in fight against forming of free radical and reducing the risk anemia.

3. Serine
As an amino acid, serine in soybean not only helps to maintain proper muscle build up, synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, it also is important for brain in to transport information between themselves and cells in other parts of the body.

4. Alanine
Alanine not only is essential in production of energy in glucose synthesis, it also enhances the immune system in production of anti bodies.

5. Isoleucine
Another animo acid helps to maintain the body tissues and store glycogen in muscles thereby reducing the risk of muscle breaking down during physical activity.

6. Etc.

Side effect
1. Toxicity
Raw soybeans, including the immature green form, are toxic.

2. Etc.

II. Pinto bean
Pinto bean is also known as common bean, genus Phaseolus and the family Fabaceae. It has a mottled appearance of darker reddish brown spots on a lighter brownish beige background, thus appearing painted or spotted.

Nutritional supplements
1. Carbohydrates
2. Dietary fiber
3. Protein
4. Vitamin A
5. Vitamin B1
6. Vitamin C
7. Copper
8. Iron
9. Manganese
10. Calcium
11. Magnesium
12. Potassium
13. Phosphorus
14. Etc.

Health Benefits
1. Weigh loss
Since it is rich of fiber, it decreases the risk of food craving because it is hard to digest and makes you feel fullness for a long time.

2. Blood sugar
Sine the bean contains high amount of fiber, it protects the pancreas in production of insulin by releasing the glucose slowly into blood stream, thus reducing type II diabetes due to over work of pancreas.

3. Potassium
Beside playing an important role in maintaining the desirable water balance in human body, it also is important in transmitting the electrical conductivity of brain properly, thus reducing the risk anxiety and stress.

4. Free radicals
The trace minerals of manganese and copper in the bean is an important cofactor of the oxidative enzyme called superoxide dismutase, it helps to improve the immune system to disarms free radicals created inside the mitochondria.

5. Heart diseases and stroke
Pinto bean also contains high amount of phytonutrient which is important for the immune system disarmed the forming of free radicals in the body and reduced the risk of cholesterol oxidation causes of plague building up against the arterial wall, leading to heart diseases and stroke.

7. Etc.

Side effect
1. Purines
Since it contains a measure amount of purines, it can cause problem for people with kidney diseases because of uric acid accumulation.
2. Etc.

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