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When it comes to home improvements, one of the most satisfying transformations is renovating your bathroom, the place where you start and finish every day. Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares how to refresh your bathroom with three quick and easy tips.

Add character with colour. Don’t let paint colour be an afterthought, because even the smallest bathrooms play a big role in your day. Consider adding a welcoming dose of warmth to your walls in a flattering blush like Head over Heels AF-250 with a matte finish. “Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa paint is the only paint with both a luxurious matte finish and mildew resistance that retains it’s colour integrity even in high humidity,” says Grech.

A powder room is a great space to make a strong statement with colour, especially when natural light is lacking. “Take advantage of a dimly lit room and give it drama with rich colour and striking light fixtures. Or for a more subtle look, experiment with a coloured paint on the ceiling.”

Create depth with fun patterns and textures. Especially with a neutral wall colour, your bathroom will benefit from the right mix of texture and pattern. Layer a variety of textures and finishes into surfaces and decorative accessories, from floor to countertop to walls. Sleek glass, smooth marble and rustic wood are popular combinations that provide depth and definition. “Bold tile patterns are prevalent in contemporary bathrooms, but the look can also be achieved with rugs, decorative towels and tile-inspired artwork.”

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Although both pattern and texture can work wonders for a space, Grech says to avoid over-cluttering your bathroom with too many patterns and textures. Instead, make sure the colours and patterns feel balanced in the overall design plan.

Make the most of your space. To create a hardworking bathroom that is layered with creativity and personality, the key is to master the art of mixing form and function. Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and using walls and over-the-toilet space for shelving can help maximize and improve storage space. Open-concept shelving can also be a great way to add function, with beautiful accessories and toiletries on display adding to the aesthetic.

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