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Alternative Uses for Beauty Products

If you are like me, you have tons of beauty products laying around your bathroom. They are in all of my drawers and cabinets, my shower is overflowing, and now they are even taking over my son's bathroom (good thing he's only 2). Ever wonder if some of your beauty products have other uses? I...
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5 Cheap Beauty Tips

You don't have to spend a fortune on beauty products to help your skin. A lot of the items you need can be found in your store cupboard, so before you rush out and spend a small fortune on a tiny tube of something take a look at these tips. Read more

Hawaiian Beauty Secrets

Tropical scents, coconut textures, luscious fruits, bright flowers and exotic fragrances embody the essence of Hawaii. Hawaiian plants, foods, flowers, oils and enzymes can help you to naturally maintain and enhance your inner and outer beauty. Whisk yourself away from ordinary with these 10 Hawaiian beauty ingredients: (more…)...
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5 Steps to Natural Beauty

These short steps are a sure way to dazzle at anything from the most special occasion to when you just need that extra confidence boost. There's no need to invest in luxury spa products, hide away or go under the surgeon's knife; natural beauty is much closer (and much cheaper) than you might think. And,...
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Ancient Beauty Secrets

Apple cider vinegar was used by both Cleopatra and Helen of Troy as a facial toner. It is a skin renewal, acting as a natural exfoliate. It balances and restores the skins PH and is an antibacterial-which makes it a great acne inhibitor. (more…)...
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Beauty Tips for Bedtime

Your life as a woman can be hectic and sometimes, you may be too busy to even think about pampering yourselves, but believe me, it is necessary; not only for beauty's sake, but for your overall health, hygiene and self-esteem. You will feel more attractive and innately feminine. Read more

Cheap Homemade Beauty Tips

There are times when we cannot afford expensive cosmetics. This is exactly the period I had in my life! Working two jobs, but spending a lot of money on paying the rent and food I found myself in such situation when I have money till the end of the month enough only for food. So...
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