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How to make perfumes and colognes. Invent your personal scents today!

Types of Perfumes and Tips

Perfume, also called Extract or Extrait , can include 15-40% perfume concentrates. Perfume is made up of alcohol, water & perfume (fragrance) oil. Perfume is a scented liquid worn on the skin to impart a pleasant odor. Perfume is also made up of animal and plant-based aromatic compounds, dissolved in a mixture of alcohol and...
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The Positive Effects of Cosmetic Perfume

Not only is our sense of smell the strongest sense tied to memory, but its use also has the ability of affecting our emotions. Many times massages involve scented oils in order to help calm the person. Some flowers, plants, and herbs that have soothing scents are used for medical purposes. Throughout the centuries people...
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