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Rejuvenate and pamper yourself with these Spa treatments.

What Is The Shelf Life of Handmade Creams

Shelf life of handmade cosmetics is one of the main questions if you finally decided to make your own natural cream. How long can it be stored containing preservatives or without them? Let's make...
Homemade Face Wash for Dry Skin

Homemade Face Wash for Dry Skin

Here is a list of homemade face wash recipes that could be followed if you have dry skin.
Cleopatra's Bag of Tricks: The Love and Beauty Secrets of Antiquity's Women

Cleopatra’s Bag of Tricks: The Love and Beauty Secrets of Antiquity’s Women

Speed dating or online matchmaking-these may be the latest romantic trends, but the artistry of love is ancient and the desire for beauty is something altogether primitive. Searching for a mate or attempting to...

Make Bath Salts: 5 Techniques For a more Professional Bath Salt Recipe

If you've already made a basic bath salt, but you want to produce a more professional product, you'll love these simple techniques. They'll make your bath salts less "homebrew" and more spa-quality. Once you...
Green Tea Bath

Green Tea Bath

Natural and beneficial ingredients in green tea make it a perfect choice for bathing in it so the nutrients may be absorbed through the skin.

Minimize Pores with a DIY Lemon-Tomato Mask

Large pores equals oily skin. The onslaught of oily skin is especially dire to people who have large pores. Because of the size of the pores, this leads to excess sebum production (substance secreted...
How to Make a Cucumber Facial for Oily Skin

How to Make a Cucumber Facial for Oily Skin

Try the refreshing and nourishing powers of cucumber! Most of us know it's great for reducing puffiness around the eyes, but it is also great for oily skin!

Exfoliate Your Hands & Feet with Oatmeal

A Tribute to a Working Woman's Hands and Feet Women of this generation have their hands full - literally.  Today, we're busy climbing the corporate ladder, running a business, traveling for a cause, saving the...

Chest Massage

Weakening lungs, palpitation and heart disorders can also be minimized through a chest massage. Emotional stress may cause contraction of chest muscles and leads to difficulty in breathing and reduced ability. Other than health...

Foot Bath Recipes

Foot baths are really easy to prepare and beneficial for simply relaxing or for helping all kinds of problems. You can use a foot bath machine or simply a large bowl and add water,...

Glycerin and Rosewater

Most people don't thing of roses as herbs. They think of them only as flowers. And if they're thinking of the long stemmed, gorgeous beauties of the popular, modern rose bushes, they'd be right. The...
Massage Oils – Advantages & Disadvantages

Massage Oils – Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of various massage oils.
Hawaiian Beauty Secrets

Hawaiian Beauty Secrets

Whisk yourself away from ordinary with these 10 Hawaiian beauty ingredients.

Quick and Easy Natural Massage Melts

Massage melts are a unique body product because they stay solid at room temperatures, but when applied directly to your skin, start to soften and melt due to body temperature. Their main purpose is to moisturize dry skin, as well as, relax and soothe tight muscles.
Bath Bombs

How to Make Bath Bombs and Sell Them

How to create, package and sell hand crafted bath bombs.