Spa Recipes

Ginger Bath Recipe with Zing!

Put a little zing into your next bath! You can create homemade bath recipes that will allow you to enjoy all the health benefits of a soak at the spa in your very own tub!

How to Use Beetroot for Pink Lips

Who doesn't like to have pink luscious lips? And if it can come easily with beetroot, so much the better.

Lip Scrubs: What are They, How are They Made, and When to Use Them

Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about lip scrubs and how they can help keep you skin looking and feeling great.

Uses for Lavender and Peppermint

When grandmother was young, doctors in rural areas were few and far between. People depended on home remedies, which were recorded and passed down through the generations to treat injuries and cure illnesses.

Get Creative and Save Money with DIY SPA Gifts

Have a spa day featuring your own homemade line of spa-style products. You can find the recipes for these DIY face masks in this article.

Alternative Uses for Beauty Products

Do you have too many left over beauty products laying around? Here are some uses for all those unused items.

Citrus-Inspired Spa Treatments

Re-energize your spirit with these do-it-yourself citrus-inspired spa treatments for your hands and feet.

Personal, In-Home Health Spa

Treat yourself to a restorative herbal mask or an aromatherapy massage. Here are a few basics for starting your own home spa.

5 Cheap Beauty Tips

These tips rely on natural products which you may have in the garden, or in your store, cupboard or fridge. You can look good without spending a fortune on cosmetics with added chemicals. Read this article to find out how to have great skin and hair without spending much money.

Forget The Pricey Trip to The Spa with Simple DIY Tips and Tricks

By preparing your own body care products, you can have beautiful-looking skin, slow down premature skin aging and save money.

Can Onions Be a Beauty Product?

From dull hair to age spots and scaly skin, can onions be a beauty product? Far from being surprised, I would not hesitate to consider the humble onion... is making its way as one.

Low Budget Skin Care That Works

This avocado and olive oil face mask recipe is perfect for both dry and oily skin types.
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