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The cold snap in the air may find us indoors more often, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the bountiful autumn fragrances. There’s no better way to bring the smell of fall indoors than with candles and other home scent goods, like reed diffusers and potpourri. With these even the most concrete-bound apartment can be infused with the scents that recall fond memories of apple bobbing and jumping through piles of leaves.

But what are the best candle and home scents to use? Here are six good fragrances of fall:


Nothing shouts fall like the smell of pumpkin and spices. It brings to mind mouth-watering Thanksgiving pies and wandering through the pumpkin patch to search for the perfect jack-o-lantern. Look for basic pumpkin candles and more exotic pumpkin and nut infused fragrance sprays.


Whether it’s in decorative brooms of harvest displays or in the baking we can enjoy now that the heat of summer has passed, cinnamon is powerfully evocative of autumn. You can simmer cinnamon sticks with spices on the stove or use a fragrance pot to let the scent waft through your home. The fragrance will remind you of mulled wines and treats shared with friends.


In the fall, a walk through the woods teams with the mysterious scents of flora and fauna. The air is crisp with a green freshness, as tree drop their colorful leaves. To bring back the memories of autumn hikes, look for candles and potpourri with hints of cedar, spruce and amber. You could be in your living room and inhaling would make you swear you were at the edge of the forest or about to light a harvest celebration bonfire.


Apple trees begin to drop their fruit in the fall, which is why so many seasonal recipes include apples as an ingredient. It’s also why so many Halloween celebrations include bobbing for apples and other games. You can find scents that smell just like you have bitten into a bright red apple or some that smell just like the loving desserts fresh out of the oven.


Nuts are also a staple of fall and are often used as a side note in many candle and home scents. You can find candles that smell like banana nut bread or almond pastries. Most autumn harvest scents also include a hint of chestnut, along with pumpkin, clove and other spices.


What Thanksgiving spread would be complete without a delectable cranberry dish? Look for refreshing cran-orange fragrance oils or a comforting spiced cranberry candles. Whether you are making new traditions or looking for a gift for someone miles away, the fragrance will let them fondly recall lively feasts spent with friends and family.

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