Build a Wooden Bar Stool

Build a Wooden Bar Stool

This is a plan for a folding bar stool that can be used in a number of situations, from providing extra seating at a breakfast bar, to offering a convenient seat for relaxing outdoors during the summer months. Once you’ve made your first one, you can go on and make as many as you need.

To make this stool you will need some 65mm x 20mm wood, cut into 1 x 3.9m, 1 x 3.0m and 1 x 2.4m lengths.

The Slats, Footrest and Rear Leg Support

Take the longest length and cut 8 x 420mm long pieces. These will be used for the seat, backrest and footrest. Cut the remaining length into a 460mm piece to be the rear leg support.

The Side Rails

Take the 3.0m length of wood and cut 2 x 350mm lengths. Then use a sliding bevel and protractor and cut 30 degree bevel cuts at the end of both rails.

The Legs

The two front legs are made from the remainder of the 3.0m length. From this, cut 2 x 765mm lengths and make 30 degree cuts at both ends. With what’s left, cut 2 x 200mm lengths and cut 30 degree angles at each end.

For the back legs, cut 2 x 1050mm lengths from your 2.4m length, making 30 degree angles at one end of each leg. At the other end of each leg, measure 140mm from the top and cut a 60 degree angle. The triangular off-cuts will be used to make the backrest.

Assemble The Seat

Take 5 of the 420mm slats and fix them between the two side rails with 50mm screws. Make sure they are evenly spaced before securing them. Next, fix the 2 x 200mm off-cuts (from when you cut the front legs) to the insides of the rails, leaving an overhang of 65mm.

Assemble The Legs

Put a front leg flat on your work surface and place a back leg over it to make a cross. Mark 390mm up from the bottom of each leg and drill a 5mm hole. The front legs are longer than the back ones. Use a 5mm gutter bolt, washer and locknut to bolt the legs together on the outside of the front leg. Do the same again for the other pair of legs.

Attach The Seat To The Legs

To determine where the back of the seat will be fixed to the legs, drill a 5mm hole in the legs, 680mm off the ground. Position the front of the seat with the top edge of the front legs. Fix the seat to the legs with gutter bolts, washers and locknuts or with wingbolts.

Attach The Backrest

Position the triangular off-cuts at the tops of the back legs. Ensure they are level with the top of the legs and sit flush. Secure them in place with screws, from behind at the top and from in front at the bottom.

Now take two more of the 420mm slats and screw them to the triangular off-cuts, making sure they are flush with the top and bottom edges.

Attach The Footrest

To determine where to fix the footrest and rear leg support, stand your stool on a flat surface. The shorter 420mm length should be fixed 150mm up the front legs and the longer 460mm length 150mm up the back legs.

The Finish

Now your stool is complete, you can now stain it in whatever color you choose. But bear in mind where you intend to use your stool and select a stain that offers adequate protection. For example, if the bar stool will be used outdoors, make sure the finish is suitable for exterior use.

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