Think back to your childhood. Spend a moment sifting through your treasure trove of Christmas memories. What are your very best Christmas memories – the ones that give you the warm fuzzies, and maybe even elicit a tear of nostalgic joy?

Most likely those very best memories aren’t about the gifts you received.

No doubt you have fond memories about some of the much-coveted toys you unwrapped with great excitement on those long-ago Christmas mornings. But those probably aren’t your best memories.

For most of us, our very best Christmas memories – the ones that grow dearer as time marches on and Christmases past accumulate – are those that centered around family activities. Those are likely the memories that mean the most to you now. And those are the memories that your children will one day hold most dear.

Half the Fun is in the Preparation

For most people, children and adults alike, the anticipation of Christmas is almost as sweet as the holiday itself. The buildup, the preparation, the tingle of anticipation in the air – it’s all part of what makes Christmas such a magical time of the year.

And perhaps nothing heralds the beginning of the Christmas season as much as the installation of your outdoor Christmas décor.

After all, you feel it every year, don’t you? When you unpack all the stored-away light strings and outdoor displays, that’s when you really begin to feel the Christmas spirit. That’s when the excitement and anticipation of another Christmas season really begins to build.

So why not let your kids join in on the fun? Make the installation of your outdoor Christmas décor a family project that will generate those most precious of Christmas memories.

Little Hands can Help…

There’s much your kids can do to be involved. Little hands can certainly help to untangle light strings. They can help lay out the lines, hang garlands and wreaths, and inspect the lines for bulbs that are out. And you might even find that childish imaginations can yield some interesting twists and turns worth considering when you’re designing your display.

Common sense applies, of course. You don’t want your kids dangling from ladders, or getting zapped with electricity. But with the proper supervision, there’s much your kids can safely do to be involved with the excitement of installing your Christmas display.

Will involving your kids in the process slow you down? Most likely.

Will the end result be as picture-perfect as it would be if you did all the work yourself? Possibly not.

Will little faces aglow with excitement and pride render those concerns meaningless? Absolutely.

The Memories are Precious

Time passes so swiftly. The Christmas season that’s coming will all-too-soon fade into the past, with nothing left but the memories.

But the memories are truly the most valuable gifts bestowed by each holiday season. By involving your kids with the installation of your Christmas displays, you’ll be adding some real gems to your kids’ treasure trove of cherished Christmas memories.

And you’ll be adding a few more to your own stash, as well.

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Jason Woodward is Director of eCommerce for, a leading supplier of Christmas lighting and decoration products. Christmas Designers caters to all Christmas enthusiasts, including private homeowners and professional installation contractors. You can also find Jason on Google+

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