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Homemade brew recipes for beer, wine, sport drinks, coffee and much more.

Infusing Water

Drinking plenty of water is an important part of any diet, especially a whole foods diet. Avoiding refined sugars and artificial chemicals can make it difficult to drink anything else but water. Drinking enough of it, about 64 to 128 ounces per day depending where you live and other factors, can help with feeling full...
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Strawberry Iced Tea – A Berry Delicious and Healthy Blend

Many tea lovers crave for newer products that can have many uses with extraordinary health benefits. There are many varieties of tea that have one of these characteristics that you can get in the market. For this reason, tea manufacturers continue to innovate. They never stop searching for new ideas to make tea more interesting...
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Grandma’s Winter Rose Tea

Growing up as a child, my grandmother always tried to force us to drink fluids but we were just as stubborn as we could be. But my grandmother knew a thing or two about getting us to do things HER way! She always kept a large jar filled with miniature summer rosebuds in her kitchen....
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Perfect Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

Coffee keeps making news with its ever-growing list of health benefits. Inspired by AICR reports that link coffee with lower risk for several cancers, possibly due to its many natural protective substances, I want to share the way I enjoy coffee most – cold brewed and iced. Read more

Anything Goes Smoothie Mix and Match

The smoothie menus at juice bars list banana, berries, pineapple, yogurt or soymilk repeatedly. Kale or spinach often add green goodness to this lineup. But, mostly packed with carbs, smoothies do not contain much protein or fiber, unless they are purposely added. (more…)...
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Think Grapes for Easy Entertaining

Planning a barbecue, backyard evening dinner or casual get-together with friends to celebrate the summer season? Think California grapes for easy entertaining. They're a versatile and delicious way to add colour and taste to everything from the table itself to the foods you serve. Try these great grape ideas and let the party begin: Read more

This Isn’t Your Mama’s Mimosa

No brunch gathering is complete without bubbly thirst-quenchers. In fact, why not make them a brunch focal point? Set up a DIY Mimosa Bar where guests can mix their own. Here are some simple, low-stress tips to pull it off in style: (more…)

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Breakfast Energy Drink

Many people find eating the recommended amount of vegetables and fruits daunting. With this Breakfast Energy Drink it is more easily done. Load up your blender, press a button and you have one antidote to a lack of cancer fighting nutrients and fiber in your diet – a breakfast drink that’s nutrient rich and delicious....
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