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Homemade brew recipes for beer, wine, sport drinks, coffee and much more.

Give Your Lemonade a New Twist

On hot summer days, we must take care to stay properly hydrated. What did people do years ago, before electrolyte drinks, when America was mainly rural and summer meant laboring in hot fields? I was curious what people working all day in the sun drank to stay safe. Read more

Homemade Flavored Coffee

Getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks would have a huge impact on your financial status. To an average worker, a cup of java can cover up to half of his daily salary, so it is not practical to go to coffee shops to grab a drink on a daily basis. If you are one...
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Creating Wine from Wild Plants

In Stalking the Good Life, the late naturalist Euell Gibbons wrote about wild berries. "Actually," he wrote, "I begin picking berries about the time the last spring snow melts away." He then describes in one chapter a succession of harvests of wild wintergreen berries (teaberries), strawberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, wineberries, dewberries, blackberries, blueberries, huckleberries,...
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How to Brew Green Tea

When you hear folks mention Japanese tea it invariably means that they are talking about green tea. That is just scratching the surface because there are many types of green tea out there; gyokuro, sencha, macha, genmaicha, bancha, and more! (more…)...
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