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How to use herbs and spices in cooking.

Herbal Extracts are Easy to Make in Your Kitchen

Herbal extracts are made from herbs and alcohol. Alcohol has the effect of removing essential oils from the plant material and releasing them into a liquid solution. Essential oils are the substances that give herbs their characteristic aroma and flavor. Extracts are used in the kitchen for flavoring foods and beverages. Read more

Herbs and Spices Every Cook Must Have in Their Kitchen

When I was just married, many moons ago, I had really no idea which spices I needed to have to start up my healthy, tasty, nutritious cooking. Over the years, I have learned cooking with healthy recipes and this is what I have come up with as most necessary to start healthy cooking. Read more

Basil – History, Cooking, and How To Save For Year Round Use

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a popular aromatic culinary herb that is used quite frequently in Italian and Southeast Asian cuisines. Sweet basil is typically used in Italian dishes while Thai basil, lemon basil, or holy basil are used in the Southeast Asian dishes of Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Originally native to India and...
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Garlic: The Stinking Rose

Garlic (Allium sativum) has been used for centuries for both cooking and medicinal purposes. Known as the 'stinking rose' and Russian penicillin, its medicinal purposes have been documented for centuries and have always been a popular remedy for colds, coughs, and sore throats. (more…)...
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Oregano Uses and Recipes

Use Oregano For Authentic Italian Dishes

If your homemade pasta, spaghetti, or pizza seems to be missing that certain something, be sure to try Oregano to see if that is the missing ingredient. Oregano is not only a prominent spice for Italian-American cuisine, but is also used extensively in Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Philippine dishes. Read more

Freezing and Drying Techniques to Preserve Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs grown in the kitchen or garden can help to inject a variety of flavors to any dish. Garden herbs are possible to use year-round by relying on the drying and freezing techniques. This helps to preserve the herbs for later use. Here are the best options for preserving the garden-fresh herbs: Read more

Cumin – A Spice Or Healing Drug?

Cumin is a great tasting spice that has been used since ancient times as a healing and health protecting agent. It has been used around the world mainly for digestion. Taken after a meal in pill form or a soothing tea made from the seeds, it has been known to also control flatulence, ease stomach...
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How To Make Vanilla Extract

It is always great when you find an ingredient that you really love cooking with and with me, that ingredient is vanilla. Having a really good quality vanilla to use in your kitchen, whether it is in the form of vanilla powder or in the form of pure vanilla extract, is essential; unfortunately, it can...
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