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Fast and Fabulous Fish Tacos

Baja California is the current hot spot for celebrities seeking romantic sunsets and privacy. But long before the thin and famous arrived, this long strip of beach was already known for fine fishing and great surfing. The surfers, coming off the beach to fuel up, discovered fish tacos, the local specialty. Read more

Fusion Cooking for Everyday

There was once a time when fusion simply meant the combining of two or more things into one. Today, “fusion cooking,” the marrying of ingredients and techniques from different culinary cultures, is featured in many restaurants as if it were a new phenomenon. (more…)...
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An Easy Dinner in a Packet

In Latin America, fish are baked in banana leaves. In France, they are baked in parchment (en papillote). This technique seals in moisture and flavor. Home cooks anywhere can do the same thing with aluminum foil. (more…)...
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Fresh Herbs Make a Great Sauce

When I first learned to cook, using herbs meant garnishing dishes with parsley and using dried herbs in cooked dishes. Nobody ate the parsley sprigs—except me. If you wanted fresh herbs, you usually had to grow them and most of us bought dried dill and chives, not realizing how little their flavors resembled fresh. Read more

Delectable Lemon Dijon Salmon

If you’re looking for a quick, nutritious and flavorful dinner tonight, you’ve come to the right place. Requiring only a handful of ingredients and taking less than 20 minutes to prepare, this lemon Dijon salmon is the perfect alternative to quick-fix frozen dinners. (more…)...
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Revisiting The Chowder Pot

A rich-flavored chowder has a place at a health-conscious table. You can lose the excess fat and calories without sacrificing the full-bodied taste of this classic comfort food soup in winter. (more…)...
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A Fresh Way with Fish

When you first hear the words en papillote, the French term sounds refined, even pretentious. Yet this simple method of preparing fish roasted in foil is actually quite modest. (more…)...
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