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Preserving Food

Use Your Food Processor to Make Fresh Homemade Butter Quickly and Easily

Fresh homemade butter is one of the best things you will ever eat, and super easy to make.

How to Make a Basic Fried Pickles Recipe

If you haven't tried deep fried pickles then you are in for a real treat. Here's several recipes to get you started.

Peach Butter

How to make peach butter.


How to make homemade pesto. Perfect for topping pasta.

How to Make Pickled Lemons

Pickles are very important part of Indian meals. If it can be made with the right proportion of ingredients it can be kept for...

Apple and Plum Jam Recipe

What a great way to use up the abundance of apples! This recipe blends apple and plums beautifully. Make sure you make an extra batch because it will go quick!

Preserving Your Harvest

Canning, drying, and freezing, are good ways of preserving your crops such as beans, corn, peas, peppers, summer squash, and tomatoes.

How to Freeze Mushrooms

How to freeze mushrooms for future use.

What Foods Don’t Freeze Well

The following lists should give you a good start at identifying potential freezing problems with various food items.
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