Detox is Not a New Concept: Did Our Ancestors Know Better?

Detox is Not a New Concept: Did Our Ancestors Know Better?

Detox, a term previously used exclusively in connection with coming off alcohol, or “substances” withdrawal, has become the health buzzword of the 21st century. It’s a favourite topic amongst the cognoscenti in the global alternative health community, where it is hailed as a major breakthrough in the human race’s relentless quest for vibrant health, fitness, renewed energy and longevity.

Detox as perceived in alternative medicine circles is not recognized as necessary by the traditional medical profession. It’s even sneered at and treated as just another fad.

Come to think of it, how can a traditional doctor recognize detox when he or she constantly prescribes toxins in the form of various chemical tablets and pills?

Between one extreme and the other, one has to look at hard facts in order to determine whether detox makes sense on a personal level, especially now that symptoms of toxicity are well recognized. Headache, digestive problems, bloating, IBS, muscular pain, cough, gastrointestinal problems, depression, immune system weakness and fatigue can all be attributed to toxic overload.

Do you suffer from any of the symptoms above?

Here is a fact for you. The majority of people who undergo detox report a feeling of extreme well being as a result. They feel healthier, slimmer, cleaner, purer, more energetic and more focused. Surely all this cannot be imagined?

Louis Kuhne, a naturopath from Leipzig, Germany -hailed by his contemporaries as “a genius in the Art of Healing”- was a pioneer of the detox concept back in 1883. His doctrine of the Unity of Diseases stipulates that all diseases are caused by an accumulation of toxins in the body. He devised an ingeniously simple healing panacea based on hydrotherapy -specially featuring his famous friction sitz bath- accompanied by a wholesome, strictly vegetarian diet.

Using these simple methods, Kuhne achieved phenomenal success in healing a wide spectrum of previously incurable diseases, and helping his patients recover and maintain good health.

M.K Gandhi (the Mahatma) praised Kuhne’s baths in a correspondence to Nehru on January 17th, 1929 saying: “I utterly distrust doctors’ reports, I strongly recommend Kuhne’s bath and sun baths.”

The Detox Bath is based on Louis Kuhne’s friction sitz bath. It is a tool that nature generously provides us with, to help us maintain our health and body in optimal condition.

According to Kuhne, internal body heat, – generated by movement, digestion, stress or shock- pushes excess fat and toxins out to the body’s periphery where they deposit and can no longer be eliminated. The Detox Bath working principle is to cool down the core area of the body, i.e. the groin and genitals by applying cold water for ten to twenty minutes daily, or at least 4 times a week (depending on your initial condition and the results you seek to achieve). This action provokes a vibration in the fascia, (interconnecting tissue covering all internal organs) which produces a roll- back effect driving excess fat and toxins back into the intestines, where they can be eliminated.

The Detox Bath will help you flush toxins, excess fat and cellulite out of your system on a daily basis. Practiced regularly it will boost your mood and energy. It will make you sleep better, help your body stay slim and toned and give you a beautifully clear skin and radiant complexion. It uses nothing but water to help eliminate fat and toxins and maintain a healthy, fit and toned body.

The Author:

Randa Khalil, Co-author Detox Bath Ebook published by Dream team Publishing Ltd, UK


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