Discover the Secret of Painless Treatment of Piles


The best forms of treatment of hemorrhoids are the ones that give fast hemorrhoid relief without inflicting more extra pain to that which the victim is already experiencing.

A good hemorrhoid cure should also give long lasting relief of hemorrhoid symptoms.

The two best types of long lasting and painless treatment of piles are:

1- Hemorrhoid laser surgery

2-Herbal remedies for hemorrhoids

1- Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is a new form of pile surgery that has been reported to have about 98% success rate. This procedure is a painless procedure that can be carried out in the out-patient department without hospital admission.

This procedure involves the use of highly focused laser light rays to vaporize and remove the pile veins with ease and if done properly under experienced hands, this surgery is virtually bloodless with little or nil side effects.

If you undergo this procedure you will not need any special post surgical care and you can go home immediately after the surgery, the recovery rate after this procedure is very rapid.

The main disadvantage of this procedure however is that it is very expensive and not every hemorrhoid sufferer will be able to afford it.

2-Herbal Remedies for Hemorrhoids

There are certain medicinal plants that are very effective in treating piles. Herbal medicines work to effect a painless and very natural way of treatment that is free from side effects.

Two kind of herbal treatments that are effective in treating piles are:

-Stoneroot herbal treatment.

-Chinese “fargie” herbal mixture.

Stoneroot herbal treatment

Stoneroot herb known scientifically as Collinsonia Canadensis acts as an astringent and it has the capability to strengthen the structure of the walls of the veins of the body.

To deal with the acute pain of piles, you should take two capsules twice daily between meals to get instant hemorrhoid relief and if you have long standing recurrent piles you should take a maintenance dose of two tablets daily to control your symptoms.

Chinese fargie herbs

Another highly effective herbal remedy for hemorrhoids is by using certain Chinese herbal mixture known as fargie herbs. These herbs act immediately on the inflamed pile veins to increase the rate of flow of blood in them to quickly relieve the congestion and swelling of these veins.

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