Dizziness Causes and Natural Herbal Remedies for Dizziness


Dizziness is a ordinary account for many different feelings. The feeling of dizziness may be very familiar to you, yet hard to describe.

Vertigo is a medical term to explain the feeling of rotating, whirling, or motion either of yourself or your environs.

There is a tendency to use the terms such as “dizziness” and “vertigo” in telling the same phenomenon – these two circumstances are however, equally exclusive and refer to different circumstances.

A sensation of instability or faintness is what dizziness is all about; the more serious bewilderment of vertigo usually involve a sensation where the exterior world seems to be spinning for the human being.

Dizziness is one area where doctors and patients fail to see eye to eye. People are seen by multiple specialists and end up with poles apart opinions.

You may have the idea that no one is listening to or cares about your problem.

Dizziness is the circumstance in which one feels faint or faint, with everything around appear to be spinning.

It is generally caused due to high or low blood pressure, anemia, dehydration, heat stroke, heart or brain health evils or vertigo.

Vomiting on the other hand is a situation in which one throws up the contents of the stomach from beginning to end the mouth. It is in general caused due to a gastrointestinal illness like food poison or flu.

Causes of Dizziness

1. Abnormal Blood Pressure

2. Neurological Problems

3. Cardiovascular evils

4. Metabolic Problems

5. Psychological Problems

Symptoms of Dizziness

1. Loss of balance

2. Light headedness

3. Feeling of fainting

4. Weakness

5. Feeling of unremitting rotation of self or surroundings

6. Blurring of vision as head spins

7. Nausea

Treatment of Dizziness

If dizziness continues, drug therapy may prove obliging. Because circulatory problems often cause dizziness, medication may be set to control blood pressure or to treat arteriosclerosis.

Sedatives may be helpful to relieve the tension that can trigger or worsen dizziness. Low blood sugar linked with diabetes from time to time causes dizziness and is treated by scheming blood sugar levels.

An human being may be asked to avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and any substances that cause allergic reactions. A low-salt diet may also help some people.

Home Remedies for Dizziness

1. Add a lemon juice in a glass of water with a pinch of black sprinkle and salt. Drink this solution. It works well for dizziness.

2. Make a paste with three tbsp of wheat grains, one tbsp of poppy seeds, 10 almonds and pumpkins by drenched it over night.

Then boil this paste with milk by addition two cloves and one tbsp of ghee to it. Sugar can be added as per the taste.
Consume it frequently for some days. This is a natural home remedies for dizziness.

3. Take three leaves of holy basil and put it into a cup of boiled milk. Drink this milk before latent. It helps to decrease dizziness.

4. In a cup of water add vinegar, cheese, pepper, mustard, cayenne and a pinch of salt. Consume this answer frequently. This is also a helpful home remedy for dizziness.

5. By doing exercise and yoga one can stay away from dizziness.

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