I thought I would share some ideas on how to make eco-friendly scrapbook layouts. You can use eco-friendly craft products, such as post-consumer recycled paper, to make your scrapbook layouts. You can also reuse household waste in your green scrapbook layouts and save money on materials.

Of course, one of the greenest ways to engage in scrapbooking these days is with digital scrapbooking. We were very impressed with Serif’s Digital Scrapbook Artist. With digital scrapbooking, you eliminate product packaging and transportation, even if you do eventually print your scrapbook pages. (I would highly recommend sharing scrapbook pages with family and friends online!)

General Tips for Eco-Friendly Scrapbook Layouts

Purchase durable scrapbooking tools and products. Repair broken tools instead of buying new.

Buy local whenever possible. You’ll support your community and reduce fuel consumption in transportation. Attend local craft fairs to find scrapbook products.

When purchasing any new products for scrapbook layouts, separate the recycles and non-recyclables. See if you can use the non-recyclables, such as plastic sheets, for creative projects. Whenever possible, try to purchase products with eco-friendly packaging.

Save every scrap of paper for future scrapbook layouts. You can turn paper scraps into homemade sheets of paper or use for a variety of other uses in scrapbooking.

Use freecycle to find scrapbooking products and tools that others don’t want anymore. You can also use craigslist barter to swap scrapbooking materials.

Instead of tossing, donate unwanted scrapbooking materials to local schools, senior centers or scout troops.

Eco-Friendly Paper for Scrapbook Layouts

Paper Bags- You can use plain, brown grocery bags as the base for a number of scrapbook layouts. Cut out shapes, paint, stamp or even burn the brown bags for a variety of effects.

Cereal Boxes- Cereal boxes are a perfect weight for heavy cardstock or to make chipboard shapes. Paint the background or let the fun shapes and bright colors show in your scrapbook layouts.

Corrugated Cardboard- You can use corrugated cardboard for the covers of scrapbook albums or sturdy scrapbook paper. Paint or color the indentations for a fun, striped look.

Junk Mail- You can make your own paper at home with junk mail. You will need fine screening and a few other materials, but the process is pretty easy.

Paper Trunk- This scrapbook company offers recycled cardstock and packaging.

Jillibean Soup- This scrapbook company prints on kraft paper, made from 100% recycled stock.

K &Company Lotus Collection/ReMake Collection- These two scrapbook collections are printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper. The packaging is made with recycled and reusable materials.

Eco-Friendly Embellishments for Scrapbook Layouts

Plastic packaging- Use the plastic packaging from scrapbook materials or kitchen goods to make clear windows in your scrapbook layouts.

Puzzle Pieces- When you lose a few pieces from a puzzle, use the remaining pieces for your scrapbook layouts.

Soda Cans- Colorful aluminum soda cans are a great material for scrapbook layouts. You will need sharp scissors and a piece of sandpaper to remove any burrs. You can also emboss the metal with a pointed tool.

Stamps- Try making your own rubber stamps at home or make simple stamps with recycled materials such as old sponges or foam plates.

Creatively Green- This craft company offers a variety of green materials for scrapbook layouts, including 100% recycled cardstock, eco-friendly felt flowers, wood embellishments and ribbon made from junk mail.

Die Cuts with a View (DCWV)- This company offers chipboard shapes and letters made from 70% post-consumer recycled paper.


Caley Walsh is the Editorial Director for FaveCrafts.com, a popular online resource for free craft projects and all things crafting.

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