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Effective Ways to Sleep Better This Winter

Are you among one of those people who keep waking up in the night despite how you try not to and you have no idea why? Sometimes you can get back to sleep, other times you can be turning for hours before you finally get back off if ever and no amount of counting sheep makes the slightest bit of difference.

There are various reasons why some of us have trouble in enjoying a settled nights sleep but one of the most common causes and easiest to remedy is cold feet. Sounds weird but let’s face it, there is nothing worse than when that iciness in your fingers and toes spreads to your whole body and in some cases it can be difficult to become warm again.

The reason for this is when we lie down our bodies automatically redistribute body heat from the core of our bodies to the outer parts of our body namely our hands and toes, when it does this we get drowsy. Even just lying down, can kick start this process, but if our hands and feet are colder than the rest of our body the heat can’t be evenly dispersed and we are unable to sleep.

The solution …wear socks to bed. If you are concerned about getting too warm you can wear simple cotton no show socks although any socks will do. If you want, put on an additional blanket to be more snug but try to not make yourself too warm as that can disturb your sleep also.

For super lovely feet apply some lotion before you put on the socks and your feet will be baby soft by the the time you wake up.

Wearing socks to bed will fix most of your night time cold feet problems and help the majority of us sleep much better. Try it.

Some people however have abnormally cold feet and should wear socks to bed all the year round. There are many causes for cold feet and it can affect people of all ages although older people and smokers tend to be affected more. It is caused by poor circulation. If you think that your cold feet is caused by an underlying medical condition you should consult a medical professional.

There are numerous ways how you can help your circulation and keep your feet that little bit warmer.

1) Try not to smoke. If you are a smoker that is often easier said than done as it is hard to give up but smoking reduces blood flow. It is another good reason to give up.

2) Drink less caffeine and alcohol. These restrict blood flow too.

3) Try to do exercises on a daily basis, even if its just taking the stairs instead of the elevator or having a stretch at work it will help you circulation.

Such simple steps can make a big difference to your health and ability to sleep. What have you got to lose? Try it

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