Eight Ways to Stay Cool without an Air Conditioner

Summer Cooling

Various ways to keep cool in summer without using an air conditioner. Alternatively these tips can be used to make an existing air conditioner more efficient:

Below are eight ideas to keep you cool without an air conditioner:

1. Turn Things Off

If you not using an electrical appliance or a light then turn it off. All electrical appliances give off heat, whether it is a television, computer or a phone charger. They all give off heat. When you are not using them – turn them off.

2. Close Your Curtains

Most heat comes through windows from the sun, keep curtains and blinds closed to prevent the sun from super heating your room.

3. Don’t Open Your Windows

Seems strange but while it is hotter outside than in, don’t open your windows. If you do then you will be letting in hot air and warming up the house. Open windows when the sun has gone down to ventilate the house and let in the cooler night air. When the air is cooler on the outside than it is on the inside, having windows open on both sides of a house will create a through breeze and cool the house down quicker. Keep the internal doors open to help the draught. Point fans to the outside through an open window on the down wind side of the house to push out the hot air.

4. Be Green-fingered

If your house has a south facing garden and is heating up then plant some climbing plants on a trellis to shade the house. Ivy will stay green in the winter but you might want to benefit from the low sun in the winter so Virginia Creeper might be better because it dies off in the winter.

5. Insulate Your Pipes

Make sure that all of your hot water pipes are insulated.

6. Go Australian!

Avoid turning on the oven. Eat lots of salads and cook outside.

7. Move Your Fridge

Fridges give off a lot of heat. Move it out from the wall so that air can circulate around the back of it to make it’s cooling more efficient.

8. Insulate Your House

Good insulation keeps your cool in summer as well as warm in winter.

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