Breakfast for dinner, or ‘Brinner’, is an easy way to add variety to your dinner routine. “With so many great breakfast foods and recipes, why limit yourself to enjoying them at only one time of day,” says Tom Filippou, executive chef for President’s Choice. “Traditional breakfast foods like bacon, eggs and waffles are incredibly versatile and make for creative dinner options.”

Here are five reasons you should try serving breakfast for dinner:

Tons of choices

The standard breakfast fair would certainly add some variety to your evening meal routine, but there are lots of internationally inspired options that can provide even more possibilities. Consider trying a Middle Eastern Shakshuka recipe, adding a side of English inspired baked beans and grilled tomatoes, or making a smoothie bowl with Icelandic Skyr.

Dessert for dinner

If you have a sweet tooth then there is nothing better than serving up waffles, pancakes or crepes for dinner. Add fresh fruit, hazelnut topping and a mountain of whip cream for a two-in-one meal.

Quick and easy

Eggs are simple and filling and only take a few minutes to cook. Serve on a slice of toasted bread or mix it up with a PC Bialy for a unique part bagel, part English muffin option .Top with some avocado, cheese and a dash of hot sauce and you have a tasty and nutritious meal in less time than it would take to pick up a pizza.

Just for fun

Taco Tuesdays and spaghetti Sundays are great, but it doesn’t hurt to shake it up every once and while. Turning your typical meal routine on its head can be exciting change to a repetitive schedule.

Bacon shouldn’t have a time constraint. Serving breakfast for dinner is a chance to enjoy it morning, noon and night.

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