Surviving a Food Shortage for Preppers

Food Storage

Natural disasters can also occur and you may find yourself at a loss of options that you can use to feed your family. It is for the above reason that many people, especially the preppers choose to have a stockpile in case they need it for survival. There is a way that you can save yourself and your family from the food crisis that could hit. It is important to prepare for times when the store shelves could be bare and you do not have a place to get supplies.

How to Handle Food Shortage?

You can handle the food crisis in two ways. You can rely on the government-based organizations to receive handouts. As an option, you can choose to prepare by yourself. The second option is one of the best for Preppers.

As much as government agencies can be relied upon during a crisis, the action taken can be very slow and completely inadequate. This means that you and your family may not have enough nourishment.

To be on the safe side, you will need to set aside an amount of money from your budget every month so as to buy some survival items. You can include kits that can be used for 72 hours. You can also get as much food as you can. There are those who can store up to a year’s worth of food supply, medical, water, as well as survival gear. There are some items that can serve you better than others and with the correct strategies in mind, you can handle any crisis.

Stockpiling Food:

Your food bank is important. Buy things that you actually enjoy eating. This means that you will not have to leave the items to go to waste. You eat them before the expiry date and then restock. Get an extra storage area and freezer so as to have as much food as possible.


You will need to have some bottled water stored away. Make sure that you have enough water for the whole family. The water should be able to last you a whole month. It is important to know that humans can survive over a month on water only making this a must for all preppers.


Salt is important can be used in many situations. It can be used in flavoring, curing food, and for storing food.


Minerals and multivitamins replace nutrients that may not be available in your diet during times of crisis. Include this in your budget.

Peanut Butter:

This is an amazing protein source and it is packed with calories and fat. It can be stored up to 5 years.


Contains essential fatty acids and boosts the immune system.

Powdered milk

Is also necessary to have. There are many more items that can help you deal with a food crisis.

The Author:

Buck Jones is a survivalist and prepper. Buck has been in the survival area for over ten years with hand to hand combat, prepping, disaster rescue and survival expertise.


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