Four Ways to Enjoy Cold Cereal

Four Ways to Enjoy Cold Cereal (Excluding Breakfast)

Everyone eats cereal for breakfast. It’s the American meal of champions. Discover new ways to work your families favorite food into your day. Those cereal-loving kids will gobble it up.  Here are four fun ways to work cereal into more meals and snacks.

1. Homemade Cereal Bars:

My husband actually used to make these back when he was in college. I thought the idea was crazy, until I saw how my kids love them. It’s a cheap, easy snack, and a great alternative to a cookie.

Cereal Bars: Melt 1/4 cup of butter in a large pot. Stir in 40 large marshmallows. Stir until melted and smooth. Add 5 cups of your favorite cereal. (Our family likes Reese’s Puffs.) Stir with a large wooden spoon until cereal is completely coated. Press into a buttered cookie sheet. Cut when cool and set.

2. The Ultimate School Lunch:

A kid can only be expected to eat so many PB&J sandwiches in in one lifetime. Personally, I reached my max when I was about seven years old. So I try to mix it up in the kids’ lunch boxes.

I started sending a small plastic food storage container full of their favorite cereal. Toss the spoon inside, and tape a quarter to the lid. At lunch they simply buy a milk, pour it on their cereal, and voila, instant lunch–sans PB&J. Be careful, you might start a lunchtime trend. The other day I stopped by the school and saw a table of my daughter’s friends eating the same thing.

3. A Savory Application:

When I mentioned cereal casserole, I was only partially joking. I actually use cereal to make that crunchy, bread crumb topping on the top of a casserole. It’s crunchier than store-bought bread crumbs; it’s always on hand; and with the cereal coupons that abound, it saves me a bit extra.

Just place a couple handfuls of Total into a sandwich bag, hit it a couple of times with the rolling pin, and you’ve got the perfect “bread crumb” topping for your favorite casserole.

These mock bread crumbs also work well for coating fried chicken and battering friend zucchini. Savor cereal, yum!

4. Road Trip Snack Packs:

If your family is like mine, they want to eat during every mile of a road trip. As we back out of the driveway they start asking for snacks. So last summer, I revolutionized their snacking. I buy less candy, pop, and chips, but the kids still get that satisfying sweet crunch they long for on road trips.

I started loading up on those tiny, one-serving-sized cereal boxes. It’s the perfect treat. Each kid can have his own box, so there’s less fighting. The cereal is packed with vitamins and minerals so I feel better about the snacking. The cereal tastes great so the kids are still happy. And of course there’s the savings with online cereal coupons. Those little boxes are drastically less than piles of candy and junk food.

So there you have four great ways to work cereal into you food planning. And one great way to save on said cereal.


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