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Fried Rice Recipe: Easy Meals with Leftovers

When you make rice for dinner, it’s pretty easy to just double the amount that you cook, thus leaving leftovers for the following day, to turn into fried rice. When you look for a fried rice recipe, easy to make, you’ll find a large number of recipes, some complicated, some not so much. But really, you can whip up your very own recipe with very little work.

Fried rice is a great way to feed your family for cheap. You need to start with the base and then you can build from there.

The Basic Fried Rice Recipe: Easy to Whip Up

You’ll need onions, sliced, to start. Fry them up in a little oil, add some more oil once they are translucent and add your rice. The amount really doesn’t matter, however much you happen to have on hand.

Most people add soy sauce to their fried rice and truthfully, you can eat it just like this. But, if you want to create a full meal, you’ll need to add more than just soy sauce to the mix!


Use the basic fried rice recipe, easy to use up leftovers, and anything else you want to add. Open up the fridge, check out what you have in there and then add them. Here are a few ideas.

Meats: Crispy bacon, leftover cooked chicken or beef and even ground beef can all be chopped up and added to the fried rice. Shrimp, crab and other seafood all goes very well in rice dishes like this, as well. You’ll want to add the more delicate meats at the very end of cooking and just heat them through (assuming they are already cooked).

Veggies: Anything goes, really! Carrots, peas, green beans, snap peas, corn, etc. are all prime candidates for your fried rice recipe. Easy frozen veggie mixes are even better, since you can just toss a couple cups in with the rice and you have an instant meal. The only things that are not usually found in a fried rice recipe, easy to remember, are starchy foods, like potatoes and yams.

Flavorings: While soy sauce is the generally accepted flavoring for this dish, you can also add fish sauce, a few drops of Worchestershire sauce or even sweet and sour sauce. The choice is yours!

Toppings: Try sprinkling chopped pine nuts, fried egg, toasted sesame seeds or sunflower seeds, etc. on top of the rice to create a tastier, more nutritious dish. Herbs and chopped green onions are another great topping.

If you’re looking for a fried rice recipe, easy to whip up for the family, why not try making your own?

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