Craft beads have been utilized for making jewelry and decorative pieces for centuries. In olden times stones, turtle shells and animal horns etc. were used for making decorative pieces. Now beads are made of semi-precious stones wood, glass and plastic. The possibilities with craft beads are unlimited.

Craft bead projects range from beginner’s to advanced and complicated designs. You may buy craft bead kits online or from local craft shop. If you have supply of craft beads, you may look for patterns and designs online.

The most common use of craft beads is for making jewelry. You may also make holiday things like beaded Christmas trees or you may put beads on household items it will give them a new look. Another interesting item can be to weave small beads in intricate designs to make beautiful flowers.

Craft beads are made of various materials like glass, metal, terracotta wood, plastic, stone, bone, ivory, ceramic fiber, shell, coral, gemstones, etc. You can make any number of shapes with beads like oval, cylindrical, square, heart and flower.

The price of beads depends on what they are made of, their utility and their age. You may even take out beads from your old necklace or some other jewelry and make them into a new piece which you will love.

You can make unique jewelry for yourself and decorative gifts for your loved ones. If you are making your own design, ensure that you have all the craft beads and other things you may require. You can do it by planning your projects.

To complete the project, you will require craft beads, wire, wire cutters and crimp beads. Crimp beads are soft metal and are utilized to finish a strand of beads. For making jewelry you will require proper clasp also.

In the history of mankind beads have been used as personal jewelry, as money and as trading goods and as decorative pieces. To work with beads you require a few simple tools like round and flat nosed pliers, wire cutters and different types and sizes of tweezers. To attach beads to each other or on to other surface, you will require some type of wire along with a crimping tool.

If you don’t like to use wire for your craft beads you may utilize silk thread which is available in a number of colors and thicknesses. Nylon or synthetic threads are also generally utilized along with French wire.

If you are thinking of making jewelry, the best option is to pick a book at your local library and learn about the tools, the process of making beautiful and useful designs which people will be proud to wear.

For others working with beads is not so involved. Making Native American crafts needs small glass beads if you are planning of making designs on loom, which then can be sewn to moccasins or clothing, glass beads are also used in making beautiful dream catchers and medicine wheel that are quite popular in the Midwestern and Southern United States of America.

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