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Simple ideas to help your garden grow as well as composting, indoor gardening and more.

Are My Grapes Ready To Harvest?

This is the time of the year that I keep hearing the question "When do I harvest my grapes?" Or sometimes the question is phrased "Are my grapes ripe yet?" And then there's the "Are they ready yet?" (more…)...
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How to Grow Potatoes in a Barrel

I have been seriously considering whether or not I could effectively grow potatoes in the area I live in; due to the amount of clay in the soil. I referred one of my questions to someone who is quite knowledgeable about growing potatoes. I ended up having the information for a really great alternative for...
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Live on What You Produce

While you endure these cold winter months why not plan for a really great garden next spring. Maybe even one that could provide some income in addition to the food you eat yourselves! Does anyone have children who need responsibility - and spending money? (more…)...
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