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Learn how to create your own indoor garden.

Five House Plants to Grow in a Sunny Position

More and more people are discovering that growing indoor plants is a very satisfying and rewarding hobby. And because the homes in which we now live are lighter, warmer and more or less draught free, than they used to be, there is less chance of your plants suffering from dramatic changes in temperature throughout the...
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Phalaenopsis Orchid Growing Care Tips

Color variety consists of white, pinks, lavender and yellow both in solid colors and blends of stripes and spots. Bold color designs are starting to show up also. Phalaenopsis flowers provide both exotic variety and excellent longevity. Individual flowers can be as durable as 3-4 months. Flowers open up sequentially at 2-5 day intervals along...
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Fragrant House Plants

With two large dogs in the house, I am forever looking for ways to keep the air in the house fresh and pleasant. I love fragrant oils burnt in lamps but the oil isn't cheap! I also sprinkle the filter on the vacuum with a fragrant oil, but the aroma only sticks around for a...
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Unusual Uses for Your Summer Greenhouse

We tend to think of greenhouses as spaces devoted to growing plants, but they have other uses as well. If plants aren’t growing in your greenhouse during these hottest months of the year-- or if there’s extra space among plants that are there—why not utilize this sheltered place in other ways? Read more

Growing Rosemary Indoors

I dug up my Rosemary plant today to pot up and overwinter indoors. Last night was our first frost of the season. I covered the Rosemary last night but don't want to chance forgetting it when it invariably freezes again in a few nights. (more…)...
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Planting an Indoor Vegetable Garden

Nothing beats the fresh wholesome taste of vegetables freshly picked from your own garden. Planting vegetable gardens can be a challenge if you don't have a backyard, but you can still grow vegetables indoors. Just follow a few simple garden-smart guidelines. (more…)...
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How to Grow in a Greenhouse During Winter

Many people assume in the winter months that greenhouse growing is off limits, but this is simply not true. There are certainly ways you can have a blossoming greenhouse even during the winter months. Of course, it does require a specific greenhouse or you can choose to grow cool weather plants that do well in...
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Growing Basil Indoors During Winter

Just because it's the winter season doesn't meant that you have to stop growing your basil. Moving your favorite herb indoors and continuing its growth can be easy and even more convenient. Let's take a look at a few tips for growing basil indoors. (more…)...
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8 Flowering Plants Ideal for Indoors

Selecting flowering plants for indoors needs your thorough investigation as to what are the basic requirements to grow flowers in your home to give the best possible result to succeed. In order not to waste your efforts in growing some indoor flowers, I have identified these indoor plants for your guidance. Read more

Indoor Plants: Top 5 Plants for Indoor Gardening

Many people have this misconception that indoor gardening isn't as much fun as outdoor gardening. The reality is just the opposite. Sometimes, indoor gardening can turn out to be a more fun and worthwhile learning experience while fulfilling the gardener's appetite inside you. Read more