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Learn how to create your own indoor garden.

How to Choose The Best Lighting for Growing Tomatoes Indoors

So, now that you have decided to enjoy the taste of fresh home grown tomatoes throughout the year, it is time to make sure that you provide the right conditions for your plants to thrive and produce good fruits. Yes, when you grow your tomatoes indoors, you need to make sure they are provided the...
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Step by Step Easy Method to Grow Indoor Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes indoors is not difficult. Anyone can grow tomatoes indoors. All plants require the same basic elements; Soil (medium), light, water and the proper temperature to grow successfully. Of course each plant differs in the type of soil, amount of light, amount of water and the ideal temperatures it requires. I'll focus on growing...
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Growing Lavender Indoors

When getting ready for growing lavender indoors, be certain that you have selected a good variety of lavender for inside planting. French lavender just might be the best for this. It may not have the pleasant aroma you desire, but it grows best in the house. You just might want to purchase a started plant...
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Indoor Food Production – The Organic Way

Looking to grow vegetables indoors? Try this ingenious new idea. It makes organic gardening in your own home cheaper than ever because it uses recyclable materials. This clever system is called GrowFlutes. An indoor GrowFlute will grow you almost any small plant, edible or otherwise, decoratively and conveniently. Read more