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Growing medicinal plants for good health.

6 Culinary and Medicinal Herbs for Small Containers

Herbs adapt very well to their environment, as do plants in general. Most culinary and medicinal herbs need plenty of sunlight, and well-drained soils, in addition to frequent watering. Most culinary herbs are resistant to pests, and are easy to grow even for beginner gardeners. Read more

Houseplants as Herbal Remedies

Houseplants offer health benefits whether they are useful as a remedy. They help clean the air and can improve the spirits. Plants "breathe" carbon dioxide and "exhale" oxygen. They may offer other benefits as well...or they could be hazardous. (more…)...
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Healing Trees – From Shade to First Aid Kit

I grew up learning about food plants from my mother and grandmother. Grandma also frequently used plants to treat minor ailments. When asked, she'd mumble something about "weeds," and wouldn't always explain. As I have a great sense of curiosity, I began looking into it more. Read more

Healing Herbs of The Mountains

The flowers, trees and shrubs in West Virginia, Tennessee and parts of Virginia have a lot to offer. They are beautiful, but they also offer other uses. Ephemeral plants like jack-in-the-pulpit and trees like witch hazel are commonly found in these mountains. (more…)...
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Medicine in Your Shrubbery

A shrub, by my definition, is larger than normal herbs but not the size of trees. They are perennials, but don't lose their leaves. We like to use them to define property lines, walkways and to decorate the outside of our houses. Here are a few examples, along with information about whether or not they...
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Growing Turmeric Plant for Home Use

One of Nature's Most Powerful Healers

Turmeric (Curcuma domestica syn Curcuma longa) is a perennial plant of the ginger family that grows a height of at least 1 meter tall. It is a native of south-east Asia and is used for its underground rhizomes, a famous ingredient as curry powder for food...
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Herb Garden Plants – Foxglove – Both Doctor and Killer

Digitalis purpurea (Scrophulariaceae) Appearance One of the taller herb garden plants, the foxglove attains from 1 to 2m (3? to 6?) in height and provides an early to midsummer flower show. It has tongue-shaped, deeply veined, soft and dark green attractive foliage, but its real crowning glory is its hanging steeple of purple/red bell-like flowers with a...
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