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Growing medicinal plants for good health.

Herb Garden Plants – Basil, Sweet Basil

Ocimum basilicum (Labiatae) Appearance: Sweet basil herb garden plants bear tiny, white, purple-tinged flowers in midsummer and produce juicy aromatic leaves. A healthy plant reaches about 30 cms (1 ft) in height with good foliage. 'Dark Opal' has a gingery aroma, and when used shredded in salads adds a decorative air and exotic flavor. Read more

Herb Garden Plants – Lemon Balm – Heaven Scent

Melissa officinalis (Labiatae) Appearance: Grows into a dense round bush around 60-90 Cm's (2-3 ft) tall and broad. Temperate regions increase growth sizes by about 20 percent. Leaves may be variegated with distinct yellow patterns. There are several types of these herb garden plants. Read more

How to Build an Herb Garden – List of Medicinal Plants

You don't need a green thumb to build an herb garden. Herbs are incredibly adaptable so they require less attention than vegetable gardens. Most herbs thrive in the sun, with six to eight hours of exposure being the ideal. Herbs generally need less water than flowers or vegetables do. In fact, many need to be...
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Growing Tea Herbs for Health and Pleasure

By growing your own tea herbs you can have almost endless variations of herbal teas. Imagine walking into your herb garden on an early summer morning, gathering a few sprigs of spearmint, a leaf or two of pineapple sage, and a sprig of marjoram, and brewing a fragrant tea as a morning wake-up. What could...
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Can Gardening Improve Your Health?

Turn on the television at any time of day and you'll be bombarded with ads for pills, powders, drinks, and exercise gizmos that promise to help you shed excess pounds. But before you shell out $50 for the "Chub-Buster 5000," get out your gardening gloves. Better health can be as close as your backyard. Read more

Herb Garden Plants – Hyssop for Catarrh

Hyssopus officinalis (Labiatae) Appearance Popular herb garden plants used as sectional edging or container inmates, hyssop is an attractive, if attenuated, sweet scented evergreen. It sports minute leaves and has little lilac-blue blossoms which give a fine show from the middle of summer onwards. (more…)...
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Growing Aloes

Aloes are easy going succulent plants that need very little maintenance. When growing your aloes, it is good to know what the aloe habitat of that aloe species is and try to imitate that as much as possible. (more…)...
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