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Growing medicinal plants for good health.

Herb Garden Plants – Curry Leaf Tree – Hot Property

Curry leaves (Murraya koenigii) Appearance: The curry leaf tree should not be confused with the curry bush. The latter has no real culinary usage and is probably dubbed 'curry' bush because of its pungent smell when crushed and looks a little like a Dusty Miller. The true curry leaf tree is a real, if smallish tree....
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Herb Garden Plants – Sorrel will Beget Gout

Rumex acetosa (Polygonaceae) Appearance: The type of domestic sorrel popular as herb garden plants is the broad leafed or garden sorrel which grows to a metre tall with substantial 100mm wide leaves, the topmost of which leaves tend to droop down from the crown of the plant. The domestic version of sorrel is larger and more...
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Herb Garden Plants – Comfrey – Healing Mucous

Symphytum officinale (Boraginaceae) Appearance Comfrey produces strongly arched, hairy hollow stems with hanging bunches of bell-like pink, blue and white flowers in early summer. This popular herb garden plant achieves some 70 to 80cms. (2?to 2?6?) Oftentimes compared to a foxglove in appearance, comfrey is differentiated by its hairlike growths, moist clammy feel and close-set veins in its...
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Herb Garden Plants – Bulbinella – Better Than Aloe Vera?

Liliaceae Appearance Also known as bulbine, several varieties of Bulbinella Frutescens exist, some with long, thin racing green leaves, and some having a more yellowish leaf. The most common one is the yellow-flowered plant which looks a bit like a garlic chive but has round succulent leaves and grows to about 150mm (6ins)This is the bulbinella most...
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Herb Garden Plants – Licorice Sweet Root

Glycyrrhiza glabra (Leguminosae) Appearance: These herb garden plants have splendid dark green foliage with sprays of violet/lilac flowers. Flowering in summer the plants achieve a height of about 1.5 to 2m. The plant is grown for the roots, which are obtained from established plants from 3 to 4 years old. Read more

Herb Garden Plants – Lily-of-The-Valley Heart’s Friend

Convallaria majalis (Liliaceae) Appearance Herb garden plants named after their tendency to thrive in deep wooded valleys, these are found in most temperate areas in many parts of the northern hemisphere. In America Convallaria montana is cultivated to produce an even finer type of bloom. Consider these when looking for lily-of-the-valley herb garden plants for inclusion in...
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Herb Garden Plants – Milkwort for Snakebite

Polygala species (Polygalaceae) Description Diminutive but gorgeous little Herb garden plants, milkworts are well worth the trouble involved in sourcing them, as they make a fine addition to the border of any garden; both for their size (400 to 500mm) and their impact. Milkwort forms its own little family groupings and gives a very fine showing when...
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Guide to Some Common Herbs that Heal

Herbs have long been an acceptable way to fight common ailments and while they should not take the place of medical advice, can be a great supplement to your current medical care. There are many common herbs that have healing properties which you may not even know about. Read more