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How to take care of your garden throughout the different seasons.

November in The Vegetable Garden

November in the vegetable garden and winter is beginning to take hold. Beds that were filled with late season produce are now laid bare, stems of runner beans have died off twisted around their supports and the greenhouse is all but emptied. However, there will be a few winter crops growing strong. Read more

Fall Prep Work Makes for a Green Spring

Although it's tough to admit, summer is drawing to a close and backyard activities will soon be slowing down; but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your lawn just as you would if spring were right around the corner. As a matter of fact, there are several things you can do now to...
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Best Ways to Use Fall Leaves in Your Garden

Fall leaves are routinely bagged and left at the curb. This is a tragic waste of a valuable resource because fall leaves provide a good source of organic matter and nutrients. Leaves contain 50 to 80 percent of the nutrients a plant extracts from the soil and air during the season, so if you can, use...
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Types of Fall Flowers

Flowers are simply wonderful. Whether as an outdoor ornament or an indoor decoration, you can never go wrong with having them around. We all know different flowers bloom at a specific time of the year, showing its beauty at the most perfect time. There is practically no shortage of different beautiful flowers that bloom all...
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The Autumn Garden – Tips, Hints and Ideas

Autumn has arrived, the busy summer growing season is over and it is now time to start putting your garden to bed. This means there are still plenty of jobs to do before winter sets in and although by no means exhaustive, we hope the following list will provide you with some handy tips, hints...
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September in The Flower Garden

September is the month to start tidying up in the garden and preparing for both the winter ahead and also for the next year. As well as clearing away dying annuals and tidying spent perennials, there is also propagating to be done to ensure you have more of those plants you love for next year....
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September in The Vegetable Garden

Although there is still much to harvest in the vegetable garden, September is the month to start tidying up, prepare for the winter ahead and plan for next season. From planting for winter and spring vegetables to harvesting remaining crops, there is still plenty to do even in the smallest vegetable garden. So before you...
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Autumn Edibles: Tips for Fall Gardening and Second Plantings

People choose to garden for many reasons: Food is fresher and tastes better. It's a healthy hobby that exercises the body. It saves money. Numerous reports show an increasing number of homeowners are growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. As summer's end nears, you may think gardening season is over. The good news is with...
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