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Greenhouse Whitefly

The warmer weather brings much more than fair weather gardeners out into the garden and greenhouse. It's the perfect conditions for pests to thrive and multiply. (more…)...
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Greenhouse Growing for Tomato Plants

There are a couple of ways for approaching tomato growing in a greenhouse, you can either dig and prepare the soil of the greenhouse ready to accept the tomato plants or you can grow the plants in a container such as a plant pot (12" diameter) or growbag. Read more

10 Top Tips for Growing Strawberries in Your Greenhouse

Strawberries are a highly popular fruit which are often enjoyed during summer. However, when growing strawberries in your greenhouse, there are a number of steps that you will need to follow to ensure that they are provided with everything they need in order to thrive. Here are ten tips for growing strawberries in your greenhouse....
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How Do I Insulate My Greenhouse

The decision on whether or not to heat a glasshouse resides with the greenhouse owner. A totally unheated greenhouse is unlikely to offer more than minimal protection to overwintering plants and is inadequate to protect frost tender specimens. (more…)...
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Greenhouse Watering Also Known as Greenhouse Misting

Many factors lend themselves to the overall development of your plant life within the greenhouse environment. Factors like heating, humidity, ventilating system, location for shade, and air circulation are some of the more important. One of the most important things we need to consider is the amount of moisture and the watering required for your plants....
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Modify Your Wooden Garden Shed to Make Greenhouses

Many homeowners today are interested in gardening and having a greenhouse to either sustain plants over the colder months or to at least grow all of their starter plants for spring planting. The good news is that you can either take a wooden garden shed and modify it to make a greenhouse or you can...
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Prevent Wind Damage to Your Greenhouse

All greenhouses are particularly vulnerable to wind damage, and even more so when new. Of course, some models are stronger in the wind, but they are ALL vulnerable to wind damage - EVEN THE VERY STRONGEST MODELS AVAILABLE IN BRITAIN. So we recommend that you take the potential threat of the wind to damage your...
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Managing Greenhouse Pests Quickly and Completely

Handling pests in the greenhouse is usually one of those troublesome tasks that you prefer to put off.  However, neglecting the pests that creep into your greenhouse can easily produce a greenhouse epidemic that will send you running for the house to avoid the unwanted pests and critters residing in your treasured greenhouse garden. Here...
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