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Graduation Crafts – How to Make a Unique Photo Collage for any Festive Occasion

Have you ever wondered how you could take those family photos, whether old or new and display them in a simple yet very attractive way for any festive occasion? If your planning a Birthday party, Graduation party, or any other festive event, think about taking and transforming a metal tub in to a photo collage filled with presents or other party favors.

Your first task would be to choose which photos of course fit the occasion. For your child’s Birthday party for example, you may want to gather photos from the time they were young to the present. For a friend’s party you may want to gather photos from activities you’ve shared together.

Preview and arrange the photos in the way you think your family and friends might like to see them displayed on the tub. Lightly spray the back of each photo with Artist spray adhesive and hold until the adhesive bonds to metal surface, approx. 5-10 seconds. [Please note – Artist spray adhesive is excellent for short-term bonding. The photos can be easily removed. If you want your metal tub photo collage to be a permanent display, I would recommend using an adhesive that is stronger, yet will not damage your photos.] Next, peel off rub-off type letters and apply to the front of the tub to further personalize with your child’s name, the date, year, or a simple phrase, like ‘Happy Graduation’. Letters can be easily removed as well so the tub can be used for other purposes. Attach ribbon to handle and add balloons. Fill the inside of the tub with your gifts and packages.

Here are the supplies you need for this project:

  • Your photos
  • Metal tub – We used one that’s 9” H x 16”L x 10”D
  • Artist adhesive
  • Ribbon
  • Peel and stick removable letters & numbers (We used black)
  • Balloons
  • Scissors

A simple, attractive, and festive photo collage craft idea that anyone can do. Get others involved to add to the fun.

Now, its your turn!

The Author:

Linda Johnson is a degreed and experienced crafter and interior/exterior decorating specialist.



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