Green Your Closet
Here is a short list of what you may do with your wardrobe to lower your effect on Mother Earth.

This season, while you are putting away your shorts and tank tops, take a look at ways that you can green your wardrobe. Here is a short list of what you may do with your wardrobe to lower your effect on Mother Earth:

1. Check your accessories!

Instead of purchasing new accessories, do an inventory of what you already have. It is possible to easily add a classic hat, grandma’s scarf, or some funky bamboo socks to any outfit you have in your wardrobe.

2. Look to the past!

Shop vintage for outfits that you want to add to your closet this season. Exploring vintage stores is a low impact way to shop and is a fantastic strategy to save an outfit from the landfill. An added benefit is that this apparel is likely to be cheaper than what you would uncover in stores!

3. Donate and Recycle!

If you open your closet and see a ton of outfits you don’t like or wear anymore, look at donating or recycling your old garments. If your clothes are in good condition, contact local charities for instance Dress for Success, Salvation Army or Goodwill to donate your items. If some of the garments you need to get rid of are not wearable anymore, try contacting your nearby recycling center. A lot of recycling centers are now accepting textile donations. Another place most folks tend to overlook is the Humane Society. They accept old sheets, apparel, and blankets. These may be used for pet bedding after you are done with them!

4. Swap It!

You could effortlessly organize a swap amongst your friends or even join an existing one. When you head to your swap, make certain you bring a reusable bag to pack your goodies into! Also, to make it as low impact as possible, head to your swap using public transportation, walk, or perhaps ride your bike.

5. Keep your laundry low-impact!

In the event you spill on your shirt, sponge it off as opposed to changing. Instead of using a new towel every day, dry and reuse the one from yesterday. Also, wash your garments in cold water and line-dry them.

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6. Repair or repurpose!

Begin a button jar, and throw the buttons that you get when you buy a new shirt and/or pants into the jar. When and if the button falls off, you can sew on a button from your button jar as opposed to replacing that article of clothing! (On a side note, if you have kids, these buttons come in handy for craft projects they have to do for school!). Depending on your sewing skills, you’ll be able to also take in a seam, add trim, or perhaps shorten a hemline yourself. You can also take outfits you no longer wear and turn them into tote bags, pillowcases, pillows, kid’s apparel, doll clothes, or even make a quilt!

7. Shop Smart!

When you do need to buy new outfits, be sure that you are acquiring products made from organic cotton and/or bamboo.

All of these suggestions will limit the energy affect of your wardrobe on the environment. Are you currently following any of these suggestions?

The Author:

Douglas Michaels Jr. writes educational articles for Green Earth News, the authority on everything Bamboo.

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