How to grow herbs at home.


Herbs require good drainage, whether in pots or the ground. Plants should be watered thoroughly and then allowed to get fairly dry before another drink. The best way to tell when they need water is to go by the weight of the pot – when light: water, when heavy: don’t.


If using a chemical fertilizer, reduce the amount used by 1/2 the requirements suggested by the manufacturer and feed monthly.Try using an organic fertilizer for top dressing, cultivating into the top layer of soil, then watering in thoroughly.


70 degrees during the day and above 55-60 degrees at night.


A minimum of 4 hours of sunlight, ideally during the morning hours. If you don’t have a sunny window, 16 hours of fluorescent lighting kept six inches above the plants will work. If your plants begin to stretch it usually means the light is not sufficient. Try another window, or additional lighting.



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