Harmful Ingredients Hair Dye May Contain


According to International Agency for Research on Cancer, barbers and hairdressers — particularly men — were found to be at a higher risk of getting bladder cancer due to their frequent use of hair dyes. These people, who may not even use hair dyes personally, are exposed to such products almost everyday. The agency, based in France, also confirmed that a number of studies intimated a probable link between personal use of hair dye with some forms of cancer, including leukemia, lymphoma and bladder cancer.

Since hair dyes are considered as personal care products, compulsory testing of the safety of these products are not required by the government before they are sold in the market. Thus, manufacturers can put almost anything in these products. The only time the government can act upon them is if people started complaining.

Of the roughly 456 hair dyes classified in the Skin Deep database of the Environmental Working Group, about 400 of these products are regarded as dangerous because they have ingredients considered as toxic and are linked to several diseases and conditions such as allergies, organ toxicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, cancer and irritation of the lungs, eyes and skin. Here are some of the harmful ingredients that you need to watch out for in your hair color.

Coal Tar

This ingredient is common in hair dyes that are deep and dark in color. In fact, according to a study, almost 71% of hair colors contain this hazardous ingredient. If there is one ingredient that surely irritates the skin of the scalp, it is coal tar because it is one of the many hair dye components that penetrate the skin. Furthermore, animal testing confirm that coal tar can also cause cancer in animals.

DMDM Hydantoin

This is a type of preservative that cannot only be seen in hair colors, but in many beauty products as well. Look at your favorite shampoo, conditioner or lotion and it is possible that you will see DMDM Hydantoin as one of the active ingredients. In Japan, this preservative has already been placed in restricted use because evidence shows that this can cause immune-system-related problems.


Many people are familiar with this chemical because it is used to preserve cadavers. Various investigations have already confirmed that this preservative can cause cancer and reproductive problems. Women who are pregnant should never use any product that contains formaldehyde because it can cause problems detrimental to the healthy development of the fetus.

Phenyl methyl pyrazolone

This oxidizing agent can cause headache, cough, irritation, colds and even shortness of breath. Since this substance comes from coal tar, you can be sure that it is toxic and carcinogenic. Based on investigations, fetus exposed to this ingredient can have higher risk of learning difficulties. So pregnant women beware.

If you still think that changing your hair color is imperative in making you look beautiful and increasing your self-confidence, then go ahead and have your hair dyed. Just make sure that you avoid permanent color, since it contains ingredients that are mostly toxic. You may also want to try alternative dyes that contain all-natural ingredients, such as hennas, vegetable and herbal dyes. Choosing a shade that is not very dark can also be less toxic since the darkest colors usually contain coal tar and its derivatives. Lastly, find a salon that uses chemical free and health-friendly dyes because you can be assured that they use products that are less toxic.

If you are using permanent hair dyes for maybe a couple of years now and are afraid that toxins from these products are already causing havoc inside your system, you should try to detoxify. One way of doing this is by eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables. You can also use internal cleansing products, such as Colopril, to make the detoxification process easier for you. Still, the best way to prevent getting toxins from hair dyes is by completely avoiding such products. But for more information on how Colopril can help you, visit http://www.colopril.com.

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  1. My hairdresser uses some organic color on my hair. Not sure what it is called. I can find out next time I see her. Anyway, it works great – not at all different-looking than the old color I used to us but it definitely makes me feel safer.

    Also, as for beauty care products that are safe – I switched to using European products, one in particular, Arbonne International. A 38-year old Swiss company of botanically-based skin care/cosmetics/health & wellness products. They are free of parabens, pthlalates, petrolatum, mineral oil, formaldehyde, animal by-products/fillers, and more. I have seen a huge improvement in the hydration, texture and overall firmness of my face. Not only do I feel safe using Arbonne’s products, but I absolutely love how effective they are.

    I fell in love with these products so much so that I became an independent consultant for the company. If you are interested in trying out some samples, I am willing to mail them out free of charge. I love sharing these products with people because I see how happy so many women are after using them. Many of our products are used in healing eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, oily skin, breakouts, etc. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in hearing more about them.

    God bless,

  2. I am a dark headed brunette so I use Argan Oil Hair Color and mix ight Natural Brown and Medium Natural Brown.

    Do the Arbonne products contain coal tar?


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