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Yoga: A Path to The Self

What is Yoga? Yoga, whose roots lie in Hinduism, is defined as balance. It is the attempt to walk in balance mentally, physically, and spiritually so that one can understand the lessons of the past, fully experience the present, and see all the potential of the future. At its core, Yoga is the attempt to transcend...
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Tai Chi and Stroke Recovery

No Pain, But Lots of Gain

Tai chi is an ancient, Chinese martial art that has been adapted into a form of exercise. It's becoming increasingly popular. The short form of Tai chi uses slow, meditative movements to enhance the fl ow of energy within your body. It also calms the mind and promotes alert relaxation....
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The Fruitarian Diet

Fruit is the most beautiful food on the planet. The variety of fruits on Earth is so massive it boggles the mind. Often people ask me if I feel limited eating a raw-food/fruitarian diet. I always respond by telling them 99.9% of all food on Earth is raw plant food! Fruit is our most natural...
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