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Penis Health 101

Identifying Risk Factors for Penis Health Problems

Penis health numbers among a man's top concerns, and for good reason. Penis problems can not only affect a man's romantic life and self-esteem; they can also be a signal that something else is wrong. In some cases, problems like loss of erectile function, frequent infections, and diminished sensitivity...
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15 Health Hacks That Take 15 Seconds or Less

You've heard the saying that it takes 21 days to develop a healthy habit, but this length of time can seem daunting when you're committing to cooking from scratch or going on a daily run. Even the most time-crunched can get one small step closer to being heathier though – try these 15 health...

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You Are Amazing: 35 Crazy Facts About The Human Body

Simply put, you are amazing. Your body is unbelievably complex yet operates as a cohesive, coordinated whole. It is incredibly resilient and strong, and can perform thousands of tasks without you even having to think about it. Below are just some of the amazing facts about the human body. Read more

The Top Ten Natural Energy Boosting Health Tips

There are a lot of health tips on the Internet. Eat right, exercise regularly, avoid vices, avoid stress, but some do not deal with healing or maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a natural way. Not that these are the health tips that ends all and be all, but this top ten health tips are the most...
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Can’t Take Your Ring Off? Ways to Deal with Swollen Fingers

When a ring gets stuck on your finger for any reason, you probably felt a moment of panic. Most of the time, you can get the ring off using cold water and liquid dish soap, but that doesn't usually resolve the swelling problem. That, too, should be addressed. Here are a few suggestions: Read more

Interesting Biblical Herbs and Their Qualities

When I was old enough to start reading the Bible on my own, I noticed how many plants are mentioned. In some cases, the purposes of the plants were mentioned, though in my formal training I learned many more. These ancient plants are still in use today, and often found in the ordinary home. Read more

25 Life Saving Health Secrets

Healthy Living is the number one goal among North Americans. However, 80% of the population do not know that cooking healthy, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, and making healthy choices can mean the difference between life and death. I have written this health and fitness article so that people can make healthy...
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