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Natural cleaning recipes for your home.

Cleaning and Storing your Dutch Oven

There are many opinions on cleaning a Dutch Oven. Not all Dutch Oven cooks believe you can use soap in your Dutch Oven. Some cooks suggest never to wash them, others wash them, but...
Quick Tips on Cleaning Antique Bisque Dolls

Quick Tips on Cleaning Antique Bisque Dolls

Before cleaning any doll it is important to identify from what material the doll is made. Bisque dolls are sometimes mistakenly called porcelain dolls. Porcelain and bisque dolls are fragile and damage easily. Both...

Setting Your Dishwasher for The Best Wash Ever

Dishwashers sometimes come in for some bad press, particularly because it is assumed they waste energy and water. However this is rarely the case - usually dishwashers use less water and less energy than...
Log Cabin Living

Cleaning Tips for Log Cabin Living

I'll admit it - I'm a neat freak. And having a dislike of house dirt while living in the country is, let's say, a bit challenging. Living in a country house while building a self-sufficient...
Carpet Cleaning

Organic Carpet Cleaners

Each time toxic cleaners are used, there's a heavy impact on our environment. It does not matter whether the cleaners are poured, sprayed, washed, rinsed, or dumped. The negative and harmful effects are the...
Cleaning Toys

How to Clean Delicate Stuffed Animals

Your children may love their plush toys, but every time they hug them all you can see is the dirt and germs being spread from their favorite toy. You know it’s time these stuffed...

Stove Cleaning and Care

How to clean and take care of your stove. Continuous-Clean Oven Cleaning Some soil from cooking operations is usually present. The catalyst is continually working to oxidize soil when the oven is hot enough, thus the...
Animal Skin Rugs

Top Tips for Taking Care of a Cowhide or Other Animal Skin Rug

Caring for a cow hide or other animal skin rug and accessories Cow hide and other animal skins rugs such as zebra or reindeer have made a dramatic comeback in interior decoration in recent years...
Brass Cleaning

How to Clean Brass Door Handles

Brass door handles give your interior a glowing amber shine which looks great in traditionally furnished and period homes. Many brass levers are simple and plain and others have intricate details and etchings, all...

When You’re Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget The Fridge

The same delicious treats that fill your stomach may be filling your refrigerator with germs and bacteria if messy spills and leaks are not properly cleaned up. Foods that are past their prime or...
Cleaning Tips

Readers’ Cleaning Solutions, Tips & Ideas – page 1

Tips on how to quiet a squeaky door, clean a thermos, clean a computer, and how to keep car floor dry in winter.

How to Clean Bathroom Step by Step

Cleaning the bath can be a lot of fun yet it is a dirty job. First thing first, gather all the cleaning supplies that you may need for the bathroom cleaning job. It may...
Fabric Softener Uses

Extraordinary Uses for Fabric Softener

The fact that fabric softener makes our clothing feel soft, infuses them with long-lasting fragrance, lessens creasing and reduces static cling is no secret. But here are a few great alternative uses for this...
How to Make Laundry Smell Good

How to Make Laundry Smell Good

Here are some simple tips that can be used to ensure that your clothes come out smelling fantastic each time.

Triumph Over Summer Stains

Whether you're having a backyard picnic or on a trip to the beach, stains seem to tag along. With the range of effective cleaning products available, you can enjoy the warm weather without letting...