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Tips and Ideas for Family and Pets.


Don’t Do These Things if You Have a Teething Baby

There's been a lot written about teething remedies over the years. Some of it is good advice but there's a lot of 'old wives tales' too. Just as important is knowing what not to...
Baby Skin Care Tips from Grandma

Baby Skin Care Tips from Grandma

Your baby's skin is very soft and more delicate than yours; it needs extra attention and care. Every mother passes on her special baby skin care tips to the next generation. These baby skin...
Aromatherapy for Dogs

Aromatherapy for Animals: Part 1 -Healing Blends for Dogs

Dogs have a predictable set of physical ailments that may occur during their life span. Today I'll share aromatherapy blends that will soothe and heal skin problems, remove and prevent fleas and ticks, relieve the pain of rheumatism and arthritis, revive energy and control pet odor.
Rabbit Names

Names for Rabbits – 120+ Best Names for Rabbits

Naming your bunny can be so hard! It's important when choosing names for rabbits that you pick something that you can feel comfortable calling out. For example Bunny McFluffy may be a cute name...
Essential Oil for Pets

3 Must Have Essential Oils to Calm Your Pet

The reason I love animals so much is that they give off an attitude of happiness, innocence and unconditional love to their people. Our pets are just as happy being a part of our...
Dog Treat Recipe

Spunky and The Apple a Day Dog Treat Dog Food Recipe

My dog, Spunky, was put on a new diet last fall by our veterinarian who sold us the food. After five days Spunky became very ill. He was vomiting, eating less, became listless and...

21 Parenting Ideas to Be a Better Parent

“If you want better children and a better society then you need better parents.” Maurice Balson. “Parenting is probably the most important public health issue facing our society.” Professor Graham Vimpani Thinking about those two quotes...
Baby Names

Old Fashioned Baby Names from 1880s

A lot of people choose vintage names because they want an established sounding name for their child, or they may want their child's name to evoke the success of a hero in the past....
5 Things to Do with Grandparents on a Rainy Day

5 Things to Do with Grandparents on a Rainy Day

Take advantage of the next rainy day you find yourself bored to pieces. Call your grandparents up and make a date or volunteer at a retirement home. They will appreciate it and you might have the time of your life!

What Makes Strong and Nurturing Families?

Human beings have the longest dependency on others than any other living creature. We spend our lives in relationships, either toxic or nurturing. If the family of origin was not supportive and loving, we...

The Flea-Free Guide

Fleas travel from yard to yard, reproducing as they go and eventually making their way into your rug, your clean laundry, and eventually onto you, so it really doesn't matter if you have pets or not.

Helpful Hints for Reducing Family Stress

Anyone who's been to the mall recently knows there's a lot of stress on families these days. Parents are under strain from working long hours on top of their other responsibilities and kids are...

Teaching your Child Kindness Towards Animals

Surely children and pets go together like... well, jelly and peanut butter, a horse and cart, strawberries and cream? ... but that's not always the case. When children and pets are with each other...

Father Son Relationship: 3 Little Known Secrets To Insure Success

This for all the fathers who have problems raising their sons, and for the fathers who would like for their relationships to be better. Hello my name is Anthony Willis and I want to...
Animal Emergencies

Preparing for Animal Emergencies – The Fist Aid Kit

Hopefully your pet will never have cause for emergency medical treatment but it is important for all pet owners to be prepared "just in case". Here are some ways you can be prepared for...