Family and Pets

Tips and Ideas for Family and Pets.

Terrible Tantrums: 5 Parent Mistakes That Make Them Worse

One minute your toddler is giggling with delight and in the next, he’s having an uncontrollable meltdown. Overwhelmed with emotion, he won’t listen to reason. As a caregiver, you feel embarrassed, helpless and upset....

Want to Teach Your Children to Be Good Stewards? Time to Get Your Hands...

Growing your own garden is a popular pastime that cuts grocery bills and puts fresh produce within arm’s reach. But to parents it’s so much more than that. Gardening is a trending family activity...
Dog Food

Simple Egg Diets for Dogs

Egg diets are quite easier in nature, since they come with a balanced amount of nutrients with the taste. Mixing a small amount of salt could give out a great taste to both human...
Homemade Baby Food

How to Make Your Own Baby Food

Baby in a highchair, mom in front with a small spoon and a jar of baby food. It looks like something right out of a parenting magazine, and it’s a scene that is played...
Winter Educational Ideas for Preschoolers

Winter Educational Ideas for Preschoolers

Since many of us are currently in the midst of winter, this season can be a great topic of "study" for our littlest ones.
Homemade Pet Treats

Homemade Pet Treats: Economical, Easy and Nutritious

Many families are struggling to find time to sit down together for a meal these days so it may seem funny that more people are making time to bake treats for their pets. But...
Aromatherapy for Dogs

Aromatherapy for Animals, Part 2: Stress-Relieving Holistic Blends for Dogs

Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love -- emotions play a pivotal role in our lives. But are these types of feelings an integral part of an animal's world as well? In the past, scientists questioned whether...

Do You Have a Wholesome Family?

In an email survey of 1,400 recipients, persons including parent educators, day care providers, nurses, church and school personnel were asked to respond to the following questions: Is there such as thing as wholesome families?...
Dog Grooming Spray

Dog Grooming Spray – Flea & Tick Treatment & Prevention That’s Safe & Natural

Enjoy the delightfully fresh and pleasing scent of this pure essential oil synergy blend, free of any ingredients known to have toxic side effects, while keeping your dogs free of fleas and ticks. ROSE GERANIUM...

Who’s in Charge Anyways?

It’s not uncommon to find parents and grandparents living together with everyone minding the young. In fact, by many cultures, this is a very normal situation that works well for everyone. It tends to...

Improving Your Relationship with Your Grandchildren – 10 Tips For Grandparents

The joy that a grandchild brings to the lives of grandparents is immense. However, there is a need to balance out the love and responsibility that comes with it. Here are a few tips that...
Family Day

Ideas for an Old Fashioned Family Day

It seems inconceivable to imagine life before electric mixers, gas ovens, garbage disposals, electric carving knives and dishwashers. Give yourself and your family a reality check by foregoing modern conveniences and preparing food the...

Getting Along with Family Members

Family life today is very much a matter of getting along with other family members. Family relationships are very important, and I'm often asked how to get along with other members of the family....

A Fun Game to Help Your Kids Read

There are always times when your child claims boredom. There are also moments when you are looking for something educational, yet fun and simple to do as a family. With little materials and even...

Will Your Kids Be of “Good Character”?

At some point most parents think about the kind of person their child will grow up to be. This is different from what they may do for a living. This involves issues of integrity,...