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Tips and Ideas for Family and Pets.

10 Ways to Make Toilet Training Fun and Exciting

How to make potty training fun. Blue & Yellow Make Green - Put a few drops of blue food coloring in the toilet and show your child that the color turns green when he or...

Terrible Tantrums: 5 Parent Mistakes That Make Them Worse

One minute your toddler is giggling with delight and in the next, he’s having an uncontrollable meltdown. Overwhelmed with emotion, he won’t listen to reason. As a caregiver, you feel embarrassed, helpless and upset....

10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Child with Special Needs

Choosing to homeschool your child is a huge decision. Then add to that a child with special needs. This brings up all kinds of mixed feelings, uncertainties, and emotions. I feel we tend to...

Helpful Hints for Reducing Family Stress

Anyone who's been to the mall recently knows there's a lot of stress on families these days. Parents are under strain from working long hours on top of their other responsibilities and kids are...

Who’s in Charge Anyways?

It’s not uncommon to find parents and grandparents living together with everyone minding the young. In fact, by many cultures, this is a very normal situation that works well for everyone. It tends to...
Baby Care

Does Your Baby Suffer with Colic? Here’s What Every Parent Needs to Know

Doctors are still not sure what causes colic in newborn babies. If you're a parent urgently seeking a cure for your baby's pain and discomfort, you may not want to hear that it's "nothing...

A Pioneer in Life

Do you consider yourself to be a pioneer in life and believe that your life is about being the "leading edge"? Do you consider yourself to be among the first on an untrodden path?...

Save Your Money and Get on The Floor

Good parent-child relationships cannot be bought. Good parent-child relationships are a by-product of spending not money, but time together. Many parents say they spend “quality time” with their kids, but when looked at more closely,...
Dog Urine

How to Remove Dog Urine Odor

Dog urine odor can be a huge problem for some pet owners. The highly objectionable odor can overtake even the toughest noses. The reason the odor becomes so strong is clear. Dogs tend to...

Teach Children to Behave in Public

To teach children to behave in public the training starts at a very young age, and in the home. There should be boundaries, rules, and discipline within the home, and this will carry out...

The Diaper Debacle: A History from Hides to Huggies

For thousands of years parents have struggled with the diaper debacle. How to contain, manage, and dispose of the bodily excretions of their little bundles of joy until they are old enough to manage...
Baby Skin Care Tips from Grandma

Baby Skin Care Tips from Grandma

Your baby's skin is very soft and more delicate than yours; it needs extra attention and care. Every mother passes on her special baby skin care tips to the next generation. These baby skin...

Plants That Can Be Harmful for The Pets

Sometimes we fail to understand what could have caused our pets to get ill. In spite of feeding them well and taking good care of them, they fall sick or start behaving abnormally. There...

Things Mothers Did Before The Invention of Baby Teething Gel

Baby teething gel is a relatively new invention and it has not been around until the turn of the new millennium, the few instances of chemicals being used for pain relief caused due to...

A Fun Game to Help Your Kids Read

There are always times when your child claims boredom. There are also moments when you are looking for something educational, yet fun and simple to do as a family. With little materials and even...