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Gardening How-To

Troubleshooting One-Cylinder Engines

Living on a farm, homestead, or just a small country estate, we often find much of the repair work falls on us. Home repairs, appliances, and oh Lord, that ever-present one-cylinder engine.

How to Make Your Own Rooting Hormone

While commercial rooting hormone can be used there are organic homemade versions that work as well.

Summer Pruning: Pinch an Inch

Most of us gardeners have done some pinching of geraniums, begonias, and especially fuchsias, trying to make them bushier. It works pretty much the same with fruit trees, too. The more often you pinch, the more bud breaks you get and the bushier your tree becomes.

Organic Gardener’s Toolkit

For anyone contemplating the switch to organic gardening, here are a few ingredients that should be in every gardener's toolkit.
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